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Mitsui Chemicals to Bolster Production Capacity of Its High-performance Elastomer

Published on 2022-09-05. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Mitsui Chemicals to Bolster Production Capacity of its High-performance Elastomers Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. announced plans to bolster capacity at its Singapore-based wholly owned subsidiary MITSUI ELASTOMERS SINGAPORE PTE by building a new plant to produce the high-performance elastomer TAFMER™.

Overview of New Project

Product: TAFMER™ high-performance elastomer

Plant site: Jurong Island, Singapore

Capacity: 120,000 tons/year (Capacity of existing facility: 225,000 tons/year)

Schedule: Scheduled for completion sometime in fiscal 2024

As part of its new Long-Term Business Plan, VISION 2030, Mitsui Chemicals aims to help solve social challenges and achieve sustainable business growth by providing unique materials, features and services.

TAFMER™ is used both as a soft molding material and as a resin modifier that dramatically improves resin properties. Its flexibility and lightness have resulted in TAFMER™ being used across a wide range of fields, including solar cell components, packaging materials, engineering plastic modifiers, sports shoes and automotive parts.

Demand for TAFMER™ is strong amid robust global economic growth and is expected to rise further on the back of efforts to achieve a circular economy and step up the introduction of clean energy. Via the supply of TAFMER™, which meets these needs, Mitsui Chemicals aims to become a global solutions company that leads change and contributes to the sustainable societies of the future.

Mitsui Chemical's TAFMER™ Portfolio  

Source: Mitsui Chemicals

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