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Nexant Launches Biorenewable Insights Subscription Program to Analyze Biobased Technologies

Published on 2014-08-04. Author : SpecialChem

SAN FRANCISCO -- Nexant announced that it has launched Biorenewable Insights — its new subscription program that provides in-depth evaluations and reliable data on the technology, cost competitiveness and industrial developments of biorenewable chemicals and fuels.

"Nexant is the first major consultancy in this space to be launching a regular program focused on analyzing bio-based technologies," said Marcos Nogueira Cesar, global VP of NexantThinking products. "We are well positioned to provide this type of analysis because of our expertise in both the conventional and bio-based energy and chemicals sectors and our experience in due diligence assessments in the biorenewables/cleantech sectors for banks, IPOs, strategic partners, and government loan guarantees."

The Biorenewable Insights reports will join the ranks of other NexantThinking advisory offerings — such as Process Evaluation/Research Planning (PERP), PolyOlefins Planning Services (POPS), and Petroleum and Petrochemical Economics (PPE). The reports will feature technology descriptions, economic analyses, and evaluations of announced projects (with risk-adjusted project listings). They will also provide patent analysis and examine the impact of biorenewable technologies on the conventional industry.

"We're looking at producing 15 critical reports annually in five biorenewable-related industry categories," said Steve Slome, Nexant's senior consultant and manager of the Biorenewable Insights program. "These categories range from the primary C1 through C4 chemicals to biofeedstocks and fuels and intermediate refining products. We will also issue quarterly updates of economics and capacity analysis to help clients stay on top of the rapid changes in this nascent industry. These new reports will provide the in-depth analysis that clients have come to expect from our other products such as PERP and our single topic multi-client reports."

About Nexant

NexantThinking Programs provide subscribers and users with comprehensive analytics, forecasts and insights for the energy, chemicals, polymers and clean tech industries. They complement the broad range of advisory services that Nexant professionals have provided to the global energy and chemicals sectors for more than four decades, including feasibility studies, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic planning.

Nexant also offers a comprehensive suite of best-in-class energy enterprise software designed to transform utility business processes and implement smart grid and demand management initiatives. Over the last decade, it has been developing and commercializing technology solutions — such as iEnergy™, GRID360™, iHEDGE®, and RevenueManager® — enabling utilities, power producers, and retailers to improve operational and financial efficiency, reduce risk, and enhance customer engagement across the energy value chain.

Source: Nexant

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