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Fibreglass Pipe with OCSiAl’s SWCNTs Commercial Production Kicked off by ZST

Published on 2016-12-20. Author : SpecialChem

A completely new product has been rolled out to the anti-static fibreglass pipe market – the Russian manufacturer ZST has kicked off commercial production of the first-ever high-pressure anti-static fibreglass pipes containing OCSiAl's single wall carbon nanotubes.

Anti-static Fibreglass Pipes

The traditional way of providing composite pipes with anti-static properties has been to coat the fibreglass surface with anti-static paint. However, this approach has always had a number of technical, financial and operational disadvantages. These include the lack of volume conductivity in the pipes, the coating’s susceptibility to abrasion, and the need to include additional stages in the manufacturing process, which leads to extra costs.

TUBAL Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes

• TUBALL, which contains single wall carbon nanotubes and is produced by OCSiAl, is a universal additive for materials.
• When these nanotubes are embedded into a material matrix, they provide it with high electrical and thermal conductivity, and they enhance a number of mechanical properties too.
• Besides its core product, OCSiAl is also developing and marketing a line of ready-to-use concentrates for various industries.
• These easy-to-use technologies greatly simplify the process of introducing nanotubes into materials, with virtually no disruption to the formulation or the production process.

ZST has kicked off commercial production of their anti-static fibreglass pipes following the successful completion of trials using TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes. The addition of nanotubes into the resin provides permanent and uniform volume conductivity in the fibreglass, which is of crucial importance in reducing risks at explosion-hazard facilities. Moreover, the introduction of single wall carbon nanotubes has led to a 15% reinforcement of the pipes.

Alexander Zimnyakov, OCSiAl Russia Vice President, commented:
“Single wall carbon nanotubes are widely regarded as a next-generation additive, and this fact is supported by the rapidly growing number of effective applications all around the world. However, this is the first case of bringing conductivity and reinforcement into fibreglass pipes with the use of single wall carbon nanotubes. This successful and impressive experience will definitely support the mainstreaming of nanotube use in the composite pipe industry”.

About OCSiAl

OCSiAl is an international nanotechnology company conducting its operations worldwide. The OCSiAl offices are located in the US, Europe (UK, Luxembourg, Germany, Russia), and Asia (South Korea), with a team of more than 160 employees total.

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Source: OCSiAl
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