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SWCNTs from OCSiAl Find Use in Chinese Composites and Flooring Industries

Published on 2017-01-04. Author : SpecialChem

OCSiAl and Nanjing Leiqi Partnership
OCSiAl and Nanjing Leiqi Partnership
With the aim of meeting the increasing demand of the Chinese composites and flooring industries for highly conductive and reinforced materials, OCSiAl has entered into a partnership with the Chinese raw materials supplier Nanjing Leiqi by signing an agreement on the purchase and marketing of nanotube-based technologies and products in China.

Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes

TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs), produced by OCSiAl, are often referred to as graphene nanotubes, as they are in fact a rolled graphene sheet. Due to their exceptional characteristics, single wall carbon nanotubes form an interconnecting conductive 3D network throughout the material matrix at extremely low concentrations, starting from just 0.01%. In contrast, to achieve the same conductivity characteristics, multiwall carbon nanotubes require a concentration 10 to 20 times higher, and conductive carbon black requires a concentration 100 times higher.

Nanjing Leiqi will commercialize TUBALL MATRIX and TUBALL COMP_E, which are cutting-edge, concentrates containing TUBALL nanotubes. TUBALL COMP_E, based on low-viscosity resins that contain 0.7% of high-quality TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes, was developed particularly for providing epoxy and polyester resins with high-level electrical conductivity. The revolutionary TUBALL MATRIX line of super-concentrates, which was specially developed for the composites and coatings industries, guarantees uniform volume resistivity in the range 108–102 Ω•cm and also increases important characteristics of the material such as strength and fracture and abrasion resistance.

Aleksei Minakov, CEO OCSiAl China, commented:
“Chinese manufacturers have always expressed high interest for the most revolutionary technologies and solutions. The recently held Shanghai International Floor Industry Exhibition has demonstrated once again that the flooring industry sorely needs a universal additive that will enable conductivity of floorings as well as maintain vivid colors and smooth surfaces. Nanjing Leiqi is one of the advanced companies that will make a leap forward in the conductive composites and flooring industries by introducing innovative single wall carbon nanotubes”.

About OCSiAl

OCSiAl is an international nanotechnology company conducting its operations worldwide. The OCSiAl offices are located in the US, Europe (UK, Luxembourg, Germany, Russia), and Asia (South Korea), with a team of more than 160 employees total.

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Source: OCSiAl
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