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Pre-filled Syringes to Meet Low-volume Needs: Plas-Tech Establishes Equinox Medical

Published on 2017-02-13. Author : SpecialChem

Pre-filled Syringes
Pre-filled Syringes
LAKE GENEVA, Wis. -- Plas-Tech Engineering Inc. has announced the formation of Equinox Medical LLC, a stand-alone business entity that manufactures pre-filled syringes for leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

New Company to Facilitate Commercialization

Robert Fesus, vice president of sales and marketing for Plas-Tech Engineering, stated:
“Plas-Tech Engineering formed the new company in response to strong customer demand from emerging biotech and drug companies for a low-volume syringe supplier that offers flexible and customizable solutions.”

“For those companies in early stage product development and clinical trials, Equinox pre-filled syringes provide an option that never existed before. For drug developers that require pre-filled syringes, we deliver fast speed-to-market in order to facilitate validation and commercial introduction.”

Features of Equinox’s Pre-filled Syringes

  • Equinox offers pre-filled syringes ranging in size from 0.5-ml to 3-ml for drug delivery of insulin, diabetes drugs, allergy medications, and ophthalmic solutions. 
  • Pre-filled syringes made of cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) from TOPAS Advanced Polymers, Florence, Ky., replace glass and enhance performance over other syringe materials. 
  • These injection molded syringes offer exceptional moisture barrier and chemical resistance, along with excellent clarity. 
  • The superior moisture barrier of COC syringes extends the shelf life of some pharmaceutical solutions over three years – an achievement that can’t be met by competing thermoplastics like polycarbonate or polypropylene which are used today in less demanding syringe applications, according to Equinox. 
  • The drug maintains its purity because COC is biologically inert with very low extractable. 
  • COC resin also offers excellent biocompatibility and meets the requirements of U.S. Pharmacopoeia Class VI and ISO 10993.

Benefits of Using COC

COC eliminates breakage problems during filling, in shipping, and at point of care. These syringes offer unique molded-in design features, thus providing greater part consolidation than more costly multi-piece glass assemblies. Molded COC syringes also give pharmaceutical companies shorter lead times than glass, allowing them greater flexibility in testing.

The push to eliminate silicone in the plunger tip and push rod has resulted in the development of Equinox’s silicone-free syringe option that has zero break force, low newton glide, and the highest chemical resistance for use with many new drug formulations. The Equinox syringe also comes with other options including private-label branding, a patented tamper-evident sharps container, and customized packaging to meet OEM needs.

Equinox has already sold pre-filled syringes to drug and biotech companies for aesthetics (i.e., botox and HA injections), ocular, orthopedics, and diabetes care applications. The company is currently developing pre-filled syringes in 5-ml and 10-ml sizes.

About Equinox Medical LLC

Equinox Medical LLC, a division of Plas-Tech Engineering Inc., is among the leading suppliers of pre-filled syringes for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The company is focused on delivering flexible and customizable low-volume solutions for those companies in early stage product development and clinical trials. Equinox provides fast speed-to-market to facilitate validation and commercial introduction.

About Plas-Tech Engineering Inc.

Plas-Tech Engineering, based in Lake Geneva, Wis., serves the medical device, biopharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries by providing distinctive plastic parts and first-class molds. The company specializes in sophisticated molding processes, medical grade materials for injection molding, intricate tooling, and highly engineered components for the medical device and pharmaceutical delivery and packaging markets. Through early design involvement, Plas-Tech focuses on optimized design for manufacturability, design for assembly, and material processing to help customers meet cost targets. The company is ISO 13485 and FDA registered, and offers Class 6-8 clean room manufacturing.

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Source: Plas-Tech Engineering Inc.
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