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Plasti-Twist® Closure for Organic Drinking Yoghurt

Published on 2005-09-01. Author : SpecialChem

Total System Approach benefits customer

Amcor White Cap is now supplying its 38mm Plasti-Twist® closure with liner to Molkerei Söbbecke, a leading German organic dairy products manufacturer. The company is also benefiting from Amcor White Cap's Total System Approach which provides equipment, quality control and service.


The 38mm Plasti-Twist® with liner is being used for Söbbeke's "Shake Fresh", a low calorie drinking yoghurt with 0.1% fat content. When shaken the yoghurt becomes a refreshing, filling, healthy and creamy drink. It is ideal for on-the-go consumption, at work, school, sport or travel. Distribution is through organic food stores in Germany.

Shake Fresh" is closed with the 38mm Plasti- Twist® with liner. It is available in 3 flavours: Cherry/Banana, Vanilla and Orange/Lemon.

Closure and Container

"Shake Fresh" is available in a 330ml HDPE plastic container. The plain green closure is used for all 3 flavours: cherry/banana, vanilla and orange/lemon. It is easy to open, without device, easy and safe to reseal.

Molkerei Söbbecke

Molkerei Söbbecke of Gronau-Epe, Germany is a family owned business, whose name is synonymous with natural food. It is the country's only 100% organic dairy products producer. The company works according to AGÖL, the Association of Organic Food Producers guidelines. These are stricter than EU organic food regulations from the ecological and environmental viewpoint: no preservatives or other forms of additives are used. Molkerei Söbbecke is an existing customer of Amcor White Cap for metal Twist-Off® closures.

Total System Approach

Söbbecke is using Amcor White Cap's AWC500 straight line capper for Twist-Off® closures, with change parts for Plasti-Twist®. This machine, which is made of stainless steel, important for dairy food industry, has maximum line speeds of up to 500 caps/minute.

In-line quality control is provided by a Vision Inspection System. This camera based system recognises defects on the tamper band, cocked caps and closures which are applied tightly or not tightly enough.

Amcor White Cap

Amcor White Cap is a multinational producer of metal, plastic and composite closures for oxygen-sensitive, vacuum packaged and aseptically packaged food products and still beverages.

Source: Amcor

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