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PolyOne Shows Polymer Solutions for OEMs at CHINAPLAS to Develop Market-winning Products

Published on 2017-05-16. Author : SpecialChem

GUANGZHOU, China -- At CHINAPLAS, PolyOne is featuring innovative polymer technologies that help OEMs and manufacturers develop market-winning products. These leading edge materials and colorants enhance product appearance, performance and functionality are on display at the show’s “Science and Innovation Exhibition Area,” which is sponsored exclusively by PolyOne.

PolyOne's Innovative Polymer Solutions at CHINAPLAS 2017
PolyOne's Innovative Polymer Solutions at CHINAPLAS 2017

Barto Du Plessis, vice president Asia, at PolyOne, said:
“With these technologies, we continue to help our customers solve their manufacturing challenges and win competitive advantage in the marketplace. We do this by continuously improving our offerings with additional resources aimed at improving customer success.”

Advanced Polymer Solutions

PolyOne presents an early look at the advanced materials on display to a group of plastic processors during the CHINAPLAS TechTalk Open Forum. The technologies include:
  • Impress™ High Gloss Metallic Effect Color Concentrates: enables blow-molded PET packaging manufacturers to create a brilliant, attention-grabbing look. 
  • OnCap™ Anti-Fog Additive: offers transparency and fog prevention for food packaging film and lets product freshness and quality shine through.
  • InVisiO™ Color Inspiration 2018: helps customers to capture the essence of their brand using a collection of four influential and emerging color palettes along with comprehensive color and materials resources to choose successful color approaches for their products.
  • ColorMatrix™ Lactra SX: helps extends the shelf life of light-sensitive dairy products such as Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk and protein-enhanced yoghurts by providing 99.9% light blocking. LactraSX is the only commercially available fully light-blocking white additive to be compliant with the latest Chinese Food Approval standards (GB).
  • High Temperature Polymers Solutions: enable manufacturers to add custom colors and functional solutions to high-temperature polymers such as PEEK, PEI, PSU and fluoropolymers. Added-value functionality includes conductivity, radio-opacity and cross-linking.
  • Stat-Tech™ Dissipative and Conductive Materials: provides specially engineered, antistatic, ESD and RFI/EMI shielding performance for critical electronic equipment applications.
  • GLS TPEs for Automotive HVAC Seals: improves driver and passenger safety and comfort with industry-leading TPE technology that has been proven to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 50% and fogging by 35% versus existing TPEs for heating / ventilation / air conditioning applications.
  • Geon™ Vinyl Total Portfolio: delivers excellent flame, chemical, and UV light resistance as a cost-effective alternative to various engineered polymers. 

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Source: PolyOne
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