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Polyvanced Develops PU Tubing with Long-lasting UV-resistance for Automotives

Published on 2011-06-16. Author : SpecialChem

PU Tubing
PU Tubing with Long-lasting UV-resistance

Demand is growing fast for PU tubing that can stand up to UV radiation. Polyvanced of Osnabruck has found the solution to this urgent market demand: UV protected PU tubing. Sales Director Matthias Strehl summarizes the customer benefits "UV increases product security and assures color stability. Both of these advantages are of the greatest importance for all outdoor applications." Synthetic materials deteriorate rapidly when subjected to UV radiation. This applies not least to standard polyurethane (PU) tubing made from aromatic isocyanate compounds.

Pale and brittle from UV exposure

Tubing of this kind loses color over a period of time. The mechanical properties are largely retained for brief periods or even over the medium-term. But the tubing becomes yellowish and pale very quickly. Tubing without pigmentation or with light coloration can develop a net-like effect on the surface as a result of oxidation. This quickly results in the tube turning brittle with countless micro cracks.

The polyvanced solution

Sales Director Matthias Strehl "We have been researching this problem for quite some time. As an innovative and solution-oriented company we were determined not to stop working on this problem until we had come up with a PU tubing solution that was protected against UV radiation and damage. And we can now offer our customers the best product anywhere for doing just this. Polyvanced produces on request tubing that keeps its brilliant coloring for a very long time and we have cut oxidation attrition to a minimum at the same time."

Big range of applications

UV protected tubing is first and foremost for outdoor applications that must withstand very high UV radiation levels. Typical of these are many marine and boatbuilding uses and a range of medical applications. For all long-term UV protection requirements polyvanced recommends using the color black for all tubing material as a matter of principle. This has proved to be valuable advice, especially in the automotive industry.

About Polyvanced GmbH

Polyvanced GmbH with its headquarters in Osnabruck, Germany, is one of the technology market leaders in its core product segment of tubing manufacture. The company turns out some 50 million metres of special tubing every year. The key industrial sectors served by this company are automation, automotive, drinking water, robotics and drive engineering. The company currently employs over 130 people in Europe.

Source: Polyvanced GmbH

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