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Polyvanced Launches PU-based Round Belts for Drive & Conveyor System Industries

Published on 2011-09-01. Author : SpecialChem

Polyvanced presents an important new development for drive and conveyor technology in its rough surface round belt. "Our new round belts achieve extraordinarily high frictional coefficients with their special roughness type. They have a remarkably long service life and combine quality with economy to perfection," Polyvanced CEO Robert Mayr said. One of the leading tubing producers from Osnabruck is demonstrating unrivalled technical competence by bringing yet another important innovation to the market. Round belts with smooth surfaces have already been in production with enormous success since 2008 as a special development within the core competency of tubing.

Round Belts
PU-based Round Belts

Industry is convinced by verifiable benefits

The demand throughout the drive and conveyor systems industries is enormous for the new rough surface straps. The key markets here are in the foodstuffs, packaging and logistics industries. Polyvanced CEO Robert Mayr knows what counts most with every new development are the verifiable benefits and these have emerged clearly.

The new rough polyurethane round belts are highly resistant to oil, grease, water, foodstuffs and numerous chemicals. Depending on the belt type the hardness levels are between 80 and 92 Shore A and the belts are produced in the colours green and blue. Ultra fast installation of the rough round belts direct into a plant system is a further big advantage the new product brings significantly cutting machine down time. Economic warehousing is assured by a simple cutting to length of whatever is required from a stored roll. The evenly structured surface brings greatly improved transport properties while the problem of conveyor slip is significantly reduced. These are advantages that are very much in demand throughout the industry .

Major expansion planned

The current production statistics are a clear indicator of how polyvanced, the technology smithy for tubing developments in Northern Germany, is scoring and thrusting ahead with innovation power. The company produces some 50 million metres of tubing annually and the volume is increasing rapidly. Against this background preparations are going ahead rapidly at the production location in the Czech Republic to be able to increase production volume by over 60%.

About Polyvanced GmbH

Polyvanced GmbH with its headquarters in Osnabruck, Germany, is one of the technology market leaders in its core product segment of tubing manufacture. Some 50 million meters of tubing are currently produced annually at the Ceska Lipa works, with demand levels rising fast and strong. The key sectors served by this company are the automation, automotive, drinking water, robotics and drive engineering industries. Polyvanced currently employs 130 people in Europe.

Source: Polyvanced GmbH

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