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RBA Issues Next Generation USD 5 Banknote Made of Guardian® Polymer

Published on 2016-09-02. Author : SpecialChem

SYDNEY, Australia -- The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has announced the issuing of a new $5 banknote on Guardian®, incorporating a fresh new design with enhanced security features and the world-first clear edge-to-edge window.

RBA's Next Generation USD 5 Banknote
RBA's Next Generation USD 5 Banknote

Features of New RBA Banknote

First in the “Next Generation” series of banknotes, the new $5 note includes a range of innovative security features designed to keep Australian banknotes secure against counterfeiting into the future. The newly updated features include:
  • world-first clear edge-to-edge window
  • two tactile dots designed to assist people who are vision-impaired
  • dynamic feature that change as the banknote is tilted

All other Australian denominations will be upgraded over the coming years, with each banknote in the series incorporating the same security features.

Guardian® Polymer

RBA Dollor
  • Guardian® polymer production involves gravity feeding a molten polymer, composed of extruded polypropylene and other polyolefin, through a four-storey chamber. 
  • This creates sheets of the substrate used as the base material by many central banks in the printing of polymer banknotes.

The RBA's Assistant Governor (Business Services) Michele Bullock, said:
"We led the world in plastic banknotes. We are now leading the world in the design and technology in the way we've integrated the security features into this banknote."

Banknote Campaign

The issuance of the new note is being supported by an information campaign to ensure that the public is able to identify the new banknote and its security features.

As part of this campaign, a new ‘RBA Banknotes’ mobile app has been developed as an interactive tool to explore all current Australian banknotes, including the new $5 banknote. The app enables users to learn about banknote design and security features, and how to handle counterfeit and damaged banknotes.

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Source: Innovia Security
1 Comments on "RBA Issues Next Generation USD 5 Banknote Made of Guardian® Polymer"
Nicholas R Sep 20, 2016
Just on a side note that is AUD $5 not USD $5. For those feeling a little confusion.

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