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Spanish Polyamide Producer Grupo Repol Celebrates its 30th Anniversary, its Evolution Defined by Innovation and Worldwide Expansion

Published on 2005-02-09. Author : SpecialChem

This year 2005, manufacturer and distributor of engineering plastics Grupo Repol (Castellón, Spain) celebrates its 30th anniversary. These three decades of presence in the market have seen Grupo Repol change from local provider to global player, now present in 16 countries worldwide. Quality, service, constant process improvement and the implementation of the latest technologies are hallmarks of Grupo Repol and have been so from its very beginning.

The development, together with OEM Grupo Antolín, of new thermoplastic compounds based on GANF carbon nanofibers is among the recent accomplisments of Grupo Repol. Grupo Antolín (Burgos, Spain) designs and manufactures a wide range of components for the automobile industry, and is also the producer of the GANF (Grupo Antolín Nano Fibers) sub-micron vapor grown Carbon Fibers. The new thermoplastic compounds show advanced properties such as low coeficient of friction, thermal and electrical conductivity for different applications, electromagnetic shielding and improved elastic modulus among other properties.

Toughened engineering polyamides, nano-reinforced compounds with unique mechanical, thermal and barrier properties, flame retardant PAs glass fibre or mineral charge reinforced and halogen and red phosphorous free, or fast cycle natural PA6 are also products developed by Grupo Repol.

Grupo Repol has presence in Europe (Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Switzerland), Middle East and Africa (Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Tunisia), Mexico and Australia. Grupo Repol is also in the late stages of distribution agreements in the Nordic Market, Russia, China and the U.S.

Grupo Repol's philosophy of outstanding quality and service translates into research capability, reliable products, a flexible approach and outstanding client's support. Grupo Repol's warm manner and affability extends from its smallest supplier to the biggest of its clients.

About Grupo Repol:

Founded in 1975, Grupo Repol (Almazora, Castellón) produces polyamides (PA6, PA66, PA6/PA66) under the brand Dinalon® and distributes a wide range of engineering plastics.

To be able to offer its clients the advantages of a global company together with the flexible approach and the proximity of an SME, Grupo Repol has reached a strategic alliance with German compounder J&A Plastics. This agreement includes a common distribution network worldwide. J&A Plastics is a custom compounder of engineering plastics such as PC, PBT and blends (PC/ABS, PC/PBT) under the brand Anja® and also distributes a wide range of engineering plastics.

Source: Grupo Repol

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