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First Graphene & Steel Blue Develop Graphene-enhanced TPU Soles for Safety Boots

Published on 2019-09-04. Author : SpecialChem

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First Graphene & Steel Blue Develop Graphene-enhanced TPU Soles for Safety BootsSteel Blue and First Graphene Limited (FGR) have manufactured prototype sets of safety boots that incorporate PureGRAPH®10 into the TPU soles and polyurethane foam innersole.

Sample boots will be exposed to extensive laboratory tests which are expected to exceed current industry standards for safety footwear. Following laboratory testing, extensive field trials will be conducted, lasting approximately six months.

TPU with Improved Mechanical Properties

The incorporation of PureGRAPH® into a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a major advance for FGR. Previously, the successful dispersion of graphene into a TPU masterbatch has been a major graphene industry issue. Extensive research by FGR has resulted in a manufacturing method which has overcome what was previously seen as a real issue.

While existing TPUs already possess high abrasion resistance and tensile strength, it is anticipated the incorporation of PureGRAPH® will improve mechanical properties. Further, it will provide additional benefits in thermal heat transfer, chemical resistance and reduced permeability.

FGR will be conducting extensive laboratory tests on the PureGRAPH® infused TPU and polyurethane foam inner sole in Australia and Manchester.

High Strength Yet Flexible Safety Boot Parts

The Metatarsal Guard is specially designed to protect the metatarsal area of the foot. Met-Guard work boots are a popular choice for mining workers, factory hands and drillers, who often need the extra protection. The incorporation of PureGRAPH® into the Met-Guard will further strengthen the product, whilst maintaining flexibility.

Garry Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Steel Blue said “Steel Blue is committed to developing innovative solutions for our customers. We’re excited by these recent developments with FGR and look forward to delivering these solutions to our market.’’

“The development work with Steel Blue provides yet another example of FGR working on real industrial applications” said Craig McGuckin, Managing Director First Graphene Ltd. “Like FGR, Steel Blue is an Australian company and the world leader in its field of safety boots systems. These developments continue to enhance that reputation.”

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