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UBE Exsymo at JEC World 2017 to Promote its High-performance Plastics Solutions

Published on 2017-03-07. Author : SpecialChem

UBE Exsymo Co Ltd, a UBE Industries subsidiary, will be present at JEC World to showcase its latest solutions for high end E&E, information technologies, industrial materials and specialty fibers applications from the 14th to the 16th of March (Pavilion 5A, booth M55).

UBE at JEC World 2017

Meeting the Diversified Needs of Next Generation

From its establishment up to this very day, UBE Exsymo has made the most of its free spirit and inherent inclination to accept challenges in order to infuse new values in plastics in continuing its quest of exploration of all possibilities.

It is also setting its aim on new developments for the age of information, including electronics and new materials, and is actively engaged in collection and analysis of market information. In the years to come UBE Exsymo will be continuing to scrutinize the new directions of development of the needs of society and widening its activities to new areas.

UBE Exsymo Portfolio Covers Many Applications

  • Information materials
    • Optical fiber cable’s slotted core materials RASEN COMPOSE
    • Optical fiber cable materials COMPOSE TENSION MEMBERS
  • Electronic materials 
    • High performance fine silica particles HIPRESICA
    • Adhesiveless flexible laminate UPISEL-N, UPISEL-H, UPISEL-C and EXSYLAM-L
  • FRP
    • Glass fiber reinforced plastics pipe COMPOSE
    • Batter and scaffolding materials FRP
    • Hollow-structured plastic film SUNNY COAT
  • Industrial materials
    • Double-wall plastic hollow sheet DANPLATE
    • Four-layer honeycomb board TWINCONE
    • Polycarbonate multi-wall sheets TWINPANEL PC
  • Specialty fiber
    • High strength polypropylene fiber SIMTEX
    • Heat-adhesive fiber UC-FIBER
    • POLYPRO fiber
    • Reinforcement fiber for concrete SIMLOCK
    • Ultra-strong PP fibers for ropes DANLINE

During JEC World, UBE Exsymo will feature its latest innovation for SIMTEX, the lightweight, high strength and recyclable polypropylene fiber. We offer the possibility to book an appointment in advance to discuss their innovative technology SIMTEX. Get the opportunity to learn more about this technology and share your technical challenges.

The staff of UBE specialists as being available for detailed discussions includes Yokokita Masahiko (General Manager), Yamada Tetsuo (Ph.D. Senior Technical Adviser, New Business Development Dept. R&D Div.).

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet UBE Exsymo to discuss their solutions. Book your appointment to meet UBE Exsymo team.

Watanabe Shinobu, UBE Exsymo President, commented:
“We UBE EXSYMO have its 50 years’ history always leading a plastics industry by our own technologies of Extrusion, Synthetic and Molding. In this JEC 2017, we are pleased to introduce one of our advanced and remarkable R&DI results named “SIMTEX” solutions. We believe that this “SIMTEX” solution will surely fit to solve your problems and difficulties for the future development. We are really looking forward to seeing you at UBE’s booth.

See you soon!”

About UBE Exsymo

UBE Exsymo is one of UBE’s subsidiary develops and uses advanced technology with the onset of polypropylene fiber to serve different markets like high end E&E, information technologies, industrial materials and specialty fibers applications markets

About UBE

The Ube Group is made up of some 140 companies that cover a diverse range of business activities, including many companies that are industry leaders or occupy a unique position in their respective industries. These vibrant companies extensively collaborate with each other centering on Ube Industries, in an effort to meet today's increasingly diverse needs.

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Source: UBE Exsymo
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