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UK Government Supports Biome's Bioplastics Usage to Promote First-class Zero-waste Economy

Published on 2011-06-28. Author : SpecialChem

The Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman has announced the results of the Government's review of waste policy in which it has been recognized that the UK lags the field in terms of waste management. Biome Bioplastics welcomes the direction set out in this review and believes it is well positioned to deliver the materials that can assist the Government in its pledge to make the UK "a first-class zero-waste economy."

Speaking at the Chartered Institute of Waste Management conference, Caroline Spelman said "For too long, we've lagged behind the rest of Europe, although we are catching up fast. Communities and businesses can help us become a first-class zero-waste economy and unlock the real value in the goods that people no longer want."

Of particular interest for Biome Bioplastics, the strategy announced includes the encouragement of waste disposal by both composting and anaerobic digestion ("AD"). These two material/energy recovery routes can both be facilitated by materials made by Biome Bioplastics and provide a natural end-of-life solution to bioplastic products.

On composting, at a micro level the review notes that "home composting for just one year can save the equivalent to all the CO2 one kettle produces annually or a washing machine produces in three months." At a national level the review recognises that the composting industry has grown rapidly in recent years and resolves that the government will support sustainable growth in this area.

Biome Bioplastics supplies an extensive range of highly functional bioplastics that replace existing oil based materials in a wide variety of applications. Naturally sourced these bioplastic polymers have a high sustainable content and are biodegradable and compostable. The products meet the national and international standards for composting such as DIN CERTCO and OK Compost.

Speaking about the Zero Waste strategy Paul Law, MD Biome Bioplastics said: "It is good to see that the government has recognized that a coordinated strategy is required in this area. Demand for Biome Bioplastics has been accelerating in continental Europe for some time, now we look forward to taking an active part in driving sustainable growth in the UK."

About Biome Technologies

The activities of Biome Technologies are split into two divisions: Bioplastics and Stanelco RF Technologies. Both divisions are underpinned by the group's skills in the commercialisation and development of innovative technology. The Group's core strategy is to develop and broaden its bioplastics business organically through the exploitation of higher value areas where the properties of bioplastic materials are most suitable and valued. These target applications in food, horticulture and electronics markets, amongst others, to exploit the Group's existing and new products.

R&D at Biome Technologies seeks not only to enhance the functional characteristics but also reduce the cost base of its products. The Group protects its existing intellectual property in a robust manner and protects new developments through patents and confidentiality.

Biome Technologies is driving an international expansion of its activities and now operates in Europe, North America and Asia. The headquarters and R&D activity is based at Southampton in the UK.

Source: Biome Technologies

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