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Feb 22, 2019 | Product News

Renolit Develops Recyclable Glass Fiber Composite for Automotive Interior Applications

German plastic films manufacturer Renolit has developed a 100% recyclable glass fibre reinforced polypropylene for applications in automotive interiors with lower costs of the production process...

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Feb 19, 2019 | Product News

Research Facilitates Molecular-Weight Polymer Selection by 1D Confinement

Researchers at Kanazawa University report in Nature Communications that a crystal of molecules known as pillar[5]arenes can form a host–guest compound with poly(ethylene oxides) polymers...

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Feb 18, 2019 | Product News

Evonik Develops High Temperature-stable PA 6 Powder for 3D Printing Applications

Evonik has developed a new polymer powder for 3D printing applications in higher temperature range, for example in the automotive and electronics industries, as part of its polyamide 6 series. A...

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Feb 15, 2019 | Product News

Bio-based PFA Composite Parts Meet HL3 Fire Safety Requirements of Rail Industry

Composites Evolution’s Evopreg PFC502 prepreg has completed an extensive series of tests to demonstrate compliance with the Hazard Level 3 (HL3) requirements of rail industry fire standard...

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Feb 12, 2019 | Product News

INEOS Added New Grade for Healthcare Industry: Styroflex® 4G80

INEOS Styrolution’s new grade for healthcare industry, Styroflex® 4G80, is specifically designed for medical tubing applications. Its key material properties include excellent bonding performance...

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Feb 11, 2019 | Product News

Covestro High-Flow Polycarbonate Pushes Advanced Designs in Healthcare Applications

Covestro developed Makrolon® Rx2235 polycarbonate which enables intricate, thin-wall designs in healthcare applications such as on-body devices, surgical instruments, pen injectors and IV...

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Feb 8, 2019 | Product News

Pretium Announces Bio-Based Sports Nutrition Bottle Line

Pretium Packaging is announcing a bio-based resin option for its CBM branded sports nutrition bottle line to help address market demand...

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Feb 8, 2019 | Product News

Four Organic Thermoelectric Polymers for Harvesting Energy from Waste Heat

Four organic thermoelectric polymers identified using theoretical calculations could prove valuable for harvesting energy from waste heat by A*STAR scientists...

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Feb 6, 2019 | Product News

New Polymer Compounds to Limit Hydrolytic Degradation: Clariant at MD&M West

Clariant is introducing new polymer compounds under the MEVOPUR brand name at the MD&M West tradeshow. These are specially formulated to limit or even eliminate hydrolytic degradation, which is...

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Feb 5, 2019 | Product News

Brenntag’s NYLAFORCE® Dynamic B Compounds Facilitate Substitution of PA66 by PA6

Brenntag, chemical distributor and compound developer, has introduced two PA6-based products for the substitution of PA66. PA66 and PA6 have much in common and there is certainly potential for...

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