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Mar 22, 2017 | Product News

DSM Launches Durable SLA Material for Elevated Temperature 3D Printed Parts

Royal DSM has announced the introduction of Somos® Taurus at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group. New Material has applications in automotive, electronics and aerospace markets where high...

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Dec 29, 2016 | Product News

Frost & Sullivan Honors DSM with Product Leadership Award for Barrier Film PA

Frost & Sullivan recently recognizes DSM with the 2016 European Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership. DSM is honored because of it cost-effective barrier films for medical, food and...

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Oct 17, 2016 | Product News

DSM to Present Metal-replacing Dyneema® Carbon Hybrid Composites at K 2016

DSM has announced to highlight lightweight performance power of Dyneema® Carbon hybrid composites for sports and automotive motorsports products at K 2016. Fifteen times stronger than steel but...

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Jul 22, 2016 | Product News

DSM Extends Hydrolysis-resistant Bio-based PA Range for Auto Cooling Applications

DSM is extending its portfolio of high performance bio-based polyamide that answers the need in demanding automotive applications for hydrolysis resistance across a wide range of temperatures. The...

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Jun 21, 2016 | Product News

DSM Launches High Temperature Resistant TPC for Hot Charge Air Ducts

DSM has developed new high temperature resistant grade of its Arnitel® thermoplastic copolyester elastomer (TPC) for production of flexible hot charge air ducts used in turbocharged engines...

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Mar 15, 2017 | Product News

DSM at JEC World 2017: Presents Innovative Composite & 3D Printing Solutions

DSM makes its return to JEC World 2017. Company is showcasing its vision and in-depth knowledge to develop a growing portfolio of high-performance composites for automotive industry, along with a...

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Oct 24, 2016 | Product News

DSM Launches ForTii Ace PPA, a Metal-replacing & PEEK Alternative at K 2016

DSM is making a major move to substitution of die-cast metals and expensive high performance engineering thermoplastics like PEEK in automotive, with the launch of a new polymer, ForTii® Ace, a...

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Aug 23, 2016 | Product News

DSM at K 2016: To Launch Ultra-high Performance PA for Metal-replacement in Auto

DSM at K 2016 will launch generation of ultra-high performance polyamides which will accelerate rate of replacement of die-cast metals in automotive. For electronics industry, DSM will provide...

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Jul 4, 2016 | Product News

DSM Unveils ForTii MX PPA for Replacing Die-cast Metal Parts in Automotive

Royal DSM offers a more cost-effective alternative than ever to die-casting metals with launch of ForTii MX grades. The new DSM’s ForTii MX grades are extension to its range of ForTii® high...

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May 26, 2016 | Product News

DSM Presented Dyneema® UHMWPE Fiber-based Anti-stab Technology for Armor at DSA 2016

DSM Dyneema showcased Dyneema® Anti-stab Technology at the 15th Defence Services Asia (DSA) Exhibition and Conference 2016. Dyneema® Anti-stab Technology is the latest patented anti-stab material...

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