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Mar 3, 2017 | Product News

ELIX Polymers Develops Optimized ABS Grades for 3D Printing

ELIX Polymers has developed additional specialty grades of ABS optimized for 3D printing. The portfolio includes tailored ABS grades for automotive, aerospace, E&E, healthcare and food contact...

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Dec 2, 2016 | Product News

Extra Tough New ABS Grade by ELIX Polymers for Food Contact Applications & Toys

ELIX Polymers has launched ABS grade for use in products that come into contact with food and which also require extra toughness and resistance to high temperatures. Target applications include...

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Jul 8, 2016 | Product News

ELIX Polymers to Debut at K 2016: To Focus on ABS-based Innovations & Technologies

ELIX Polymers will make its first appearance at the triennial K show in Düsseldorf this October (19-26). At K 2016 ELIX Polymers will put the spotlight on new material innovations and markets with a...

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Feb 26, 2016 | Product News

ELIX Polymers at VDI Plastics 2016: To Introduce ABS Plating Grades for Auto Parts

ELIX Polymers, among the leading manufacturers of Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene resins and derivatives in Europe with a 40-year track record, will introduce its ABS plating grades portfolio at the...

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Nov 5, 2015 | Product News

ELIX Polymers Unveils NF-reinforced ABS Composite Apposite for 3D Printing

ELIX Polymers introduces a new generation of natural fiber reinforced ABS. New ELIX ECO ABS-NF thermoplastic is highly suited for injection molding applications and specific extrusion processes...

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Dec 9, 2016 | Product News

Laser-markable ABS for Household Appliances: ELIX Polymers/BSH Collaborate

ELIX Polymers and BSH collaborate to improve aesthetic laser marking for household appliances. Cooperation in R&D has helped ELIX Polymers develop special laser-markable grades of ABS, while BSH...

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Oct 28, 2016 | Product News

New Weight-reducing ABS/PC Blend by ELIX Polymers for Automotive Applications

ELIX Polymers has introduced a new generation ABS/PC blend to meet the needs of the automotive industry. Cost-effective ELIX Ultra HH 4115 HI ABS/PC can help to achieve major weight reductions...

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Apr 19, 2016 | Product News

ELIX Polymers NF-reinforced ABS Picks Frost & Sullivan’s New Product Innovation Award

An innovative natural fiber-reinforced ABS developed by ELIX Polymers has picked up the 2016 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award. ELIX ECO ABS-NF was specifically designed to fulfil some...

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Nov 26, 2015 | Product News

BOS Selects ELIX Polymers’ New High Heat ABS for Roof Hatches of Heavy Duty Trucks

BOS, among the leading suppliers of innovative systems and components for the auto industry, selected new High Heat ABS HH3114 from ELIX Polymers for the production of roof hatches for heavy duty...

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Oct 28, 2015 | Product News

ELIX Polymers at Fakuma’15: Unveiled AMS-free High Heat ABS for Auto Applications

ELIX Polymers showcased a new generation high heat polymers at Fakuma 2015. ELIX High Heat ABS resins combine low emission/odor, high flow, high heat resistance, well balanced mechanical properties...

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