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Tailored Polyamide 612 by A. Schulman for Automotive Sensor Housing Protection

Published on 2017-01-10. Author : SpecialChem

AKRON, OH -- A. Schulman, Inc. has recently announced that it has recently launched Schulamid® 612 GF 33 H2, a tailored Polyamide 612 (PA 612) grade which provides superior protective performance for automotive sensor housings.

Vehicle Sensor Housing
Vehicle Sensor Housing

PA 612 for Critical Vehicle Sensors

Today’s cars contain an increasing number of sensors that monitor multiple vehicle details to support advanced driver assistance systems with data, warning against potential dangers and spare drivers the effort of dealing with certain tasks. As a result, the systems both increase safety and enhance driving comfort.

The performance requirements for these sensors – and their protective housings – are also getting more stringent. Protection is particularly important for sensors that are exposed to harsh environments and must stand up against chemicals such as road salt and other materials that can damage the sensors.

Polyamide That Improves Performance

A new solution from A. Schulman improves the protective performance of exposed automotive sensor housings. Due to its chemical structure, Schulamid® 612 GF 33 H2 significantly lowers the moisture absorption, improving dimensional and mechanical stability as well as reliability.
  • While conventional housing materials such as PA 66 show environmental stress cracking in contact with road salts like calcium chloride, A. Schulman’s new grade raises the chemical resistance of the housing and provides enhanced protection. 
  • In addition, a grade with further improved flowability, Schulamid® 612 GF 33 H2 SF, is available for even filigree designs, reducing the injection pressure and minimizing the stress on sensitive electronic parts during the molding process.

About A. Schulman, Inc.

A. Schulman, Inc. is among the leading international suppliers of high-performance plastic compounds and resins headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Since 1928, the Company has been providing innovative solutions to meet its customers' demanding requirements. The Company's customers span a wide range of markets such as packaging, mobility, building & construction, electronics & electrical, agriculture, personal care & hygiene, sports, leisure & home, custom services and others. The Company employs approximately 4,800 people and has 54 manufacturing facilities globally. A. Schulman reported net sales of approximately $2.5 billion for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2016.

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Source: A. Schulman, Inc.
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