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Thermoplastic Polyester by A. Schulman Opens New Doors for Circuit Board Designs

Published on 2017-05-05. Author : SpecialChem

Surface Mount Circuit Board
Surface Mount Circuit Board
AKRON, Ohio -- A. Schulman Inc. has introduced Schuladur® HT GF30, a high performing and economical thermoplastic polyester for use in the protection layer of surface mount circuit boards.

Outstands High Heat Distortion Temperature

Schuladur® HT GF30 distinguishes itself from conventional polymers by an outstanding heat distortion resistance. This makes the new product particularly suitable for use in circuit boards which are produced through soldering processes, during which temperatures of up to 265°C occur.
  • Schuladur® HT GF30 offers outstanding peak temperature behavior, making it an economical alternative to conventional high-performance polymers such as PPA, LCP and PPS. 
  • It requires comparatively low mold temperatures of 90°C, allowing the use of water cooling systems and therefore standard processing equipment. 
  • The low mold temperatures also lead to shorter injection molding cycles. 
  • The use of standard equipment, in combination with a shorter injection molding cycle, offers further possibilities for cost reduction.

Additional Benefits of the New Product

  • Process efficiency - No blistering or pop corning, enabling a smooth reflow soldering process.
  • Dimensional stability - No moisture uptake, hence assuring dimensional stability during usage.
  • Ease of use - Existing PBT molds can be used without modification.

About A. Schulman, Inc.

A. Schulman, Inc. is among the leading international suppliers of high-performance plastic compounds and resins headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Since 1928, the Company has been providing innovative solutions to meet its customers’ demanding requirements. The Company’s customers span a wide range of markets such as packaging, mobility, building & construction, electronics & electrical, agriculture, personal care & hygiene, sports, leisure & home, custom services and others. The Company employs approximately 4,800 people and has 54 manufacturing facilities globally. A. Schulman reported net sales of approximately $2.5 billion for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2016.

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Source: A. Schulman Inc.
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