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Adaptive3D Technologies Unveils World’s Highest-strain 3D Printable Photopolymer

Published on 2018-05-01. Author : SpecialChem

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Lattice and Solid Base Printed with Photopolymer Resin
Lattice and Solid Base Printed with Photopolymer Resin
Adaptive3D Technologies has recently launched the world’s highest-strain 3D printable photopolymer. The highly anticipated event occurred at RAPID + TCT 2018 held in Fort Worth, Texas.

115% Higher Than the Nearest Competitor

In partnership with several Fortune 500 companies, Adaptive3D has developed a proprietary chemistry for photo-curable resins that enable unprecedented strain capacity leading to tougher materials and more durable printed parts. With strain of 450% the material will be 115% higher than the nearest competitor.

Walter Voit, PhD, CEO, said:
“Adaptive3D has spent the past two years developing an advanced proprietary chemistry that gives us a platform to now rapidly infuse the market with a series of high performance production quality photopolymers. This event will open up a new class of high strain materials to the Additive Manufacturing community and we invite everyone to join us at RAPID + TCT 2018.”

Despite massive investments into Additive Manufacturing, progress into end part production has been hindered by poor material performance. In a 2017, Ernst & Young reported that product quality was one of the top hurdles to implementing 3D printing.

Kial Gramley, VP Sales & Marketing said:
“We believe that material performance is the key that is going to unlock the true potential of Additive Manufacturing. We focus on tough materials that combine strength with high elongation and, as a material supplier, we do not lock our customers into any platform like most companies in this space; we just compete on performance.”

Source: Adaptive3D Technologies
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