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Advanc3d Materials Launches Stretchable TPU for 3D Printing

Published on 2017-03-01. Author : SpecialChem

AdSint TPU 80
AdSint TPU 80
Advanc3d Materials has developed a new TPU, AdSint TPU 80 shA, for the SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) process which is based on an own synthesized technology.

The choice of engineered polymers for laser sinter process is still limited because the adaptation of existing material from standard manufacturing processes to 3D printing is not easy. The SLS material is subject to very specific conditions.
  • The process stability during printing and the material behavior after printing (durability and performance) are crucial for successful results. 
  • This especially applies to rubber like material. 

Rubber-like AdSint TPU 80 shA

  • Its unique characteristic is a very high elongation at break with a value of 600% which leads to a very stretchable product. 
  • The smooth surface is a result of perfect spherical particle shape and smaller particle sizes which can be seen in microscopic pictures. 
  • The hardness of the product can be further lowered by adapting the laser power. 
  • Additionally it offers good abrasive and chemical resistance. 


  • Typical applications are shoe soles, orthopedic models, hoses, tubes, sealings and wheels. 
  • AdSint TPU 80shA can be used on most printers and must be processed below a printing temperature of 100°C. 

The recycling rate of 100% implies a high cost advantage. The new TPU is available now and can be delivered in 2kg bottles or 10kg bags. It is also available in black.

About Advanc3d Materials GmbH

Advanc3d Materials GmbH is a material producer for additive manufacturing located in Hamburg. The portfolio includes FDM/FFF filaments and SLS powder. The core competence is the development of 3D printing material based on plastic. The superiority of the products results from the chemical expertise and the process competence built up on a wide range of 3d printing machines. In order to secure best results, onsite support is offered to set the right printing parameters. The products are offered in Europe and USA.

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Source: Advanc3d Materials GmbH
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