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AIMPLAS and Inesfly to Develop Foamed Plastics with Insecticide Properties

Published on 2015-06-01. Author : SpecialChem

VALENCIA -- AIMPLAS, Plastics Technology Centre, is researching together with the University of Zaragoza and the Valencian company Inesfly Corporation into the development of a new generation of foamed plastics with insecticide properties in order to avoid the transmission of diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, Chagas’ disease and leishmaniasis.

The presence of insecticide substances in plastics was made so far by filler (powder) incorporation and was limited to mosquito nets, collars for animals, ear tags for cattle and anti-mosquitoes bracelets. Researches that this consortium is carrying out through the project Inmaplesp will allow the incorporation of the insecticide to the material through microcapsules. This new technology will protect the insecticide substance from its possible degradation during the processing of the material, will make easier its manipulation and will allow the control of its diffusion in the final product.

Inesfly’s micro-encapsulation technology that has had success in the field of insecticide paints is expanding now to plastic matrixes and to do that this company is developing microcapsules of different active ingredients with repellent and insecticide properties.

The foamed plastic that is expected to be achieved would have an application when manufacturing products such as soles of sandals and mats that repel mosquitoes and crawling insects like those who transmit diseases that are aimed to fight against and who have a special impact in Equatorial Africa, Central America and South America countries. But its application would be also useful in Europe, where the effects of the climate change is causing the occurrence of plagues of subtropical species, such as tiger mosquito, in countries like Spain.

The project INMAPLESP lasts 24 months and is funded by the Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness within the program RETOS DE COLABORACIÓN 2014, with the file number RTC-2014-2613-1.


AIMPLAS is the Plastics Technology Centre, located in Valencia, and registered in the Register of Technology Centres of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. It belongs to the Spanish Federation of Technology Centres, FEDIT and to the Net of Technology Institutes of the Valencian Community, REDIT.

AIMPLAS is a non-profit-making body that has main objective to act as technology partner of the companies linked to the plastic sector, offering them an integral and tailor-made solution through the coordination of R&D and innovation projects and technological services (analysis and tests, technical assessments, training and competitive intelligence and strategy).

About Inesfly Corporation

Inesfly Corporation is among the leading companies in the field of microencapsulation, particularly of insecticides, for its inclusion as paintings with a residual effect higher than conventional formulations.

The researching activity of its president, PhD Pilar Mateo, has led to a number of patents and microencapsulated products that have shown a high effectiveness and residually highly superior when fighting against diseases transmitted by insects, such as malaria, dengue fever and Chagas disease. Moreover, the company carries out services of microencapsulation of substances to other customers of biocides and flavoring sectors, among others.


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