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ARLANXEO to Present High-tech Rubbers for Top Performances in Sports at DKT 2018

Published on 2018-06-27. Author : SpecialChem

Rubber for Sport Applications
Rubber for Sport Applications
ARLANXEO will present its high-performance rubbers for exciting applications in sports and leisure at DKT 2018 (German Rubber Conference).

Rubbers for Complex Sports Applications

Jürgen Gunther, Head of Global Sales in the High-Performance Elastomers (HPE) business unit at ARLANXEO, said:
“Our rubbers are perfect for complex applications in sports. In soccer, for example, they enable accurate shooting, while they cushion impact in running shoes and protect against cold in diving suits.”

The ARLANXEO business units HPE and Tire & Specialty Rubbers (TSR) will present their comprehensive range of “sporting” rubbers at the exhibition in Nuremberg.

High-Tech for Ball Sports

Be it soccer, basketball, or golf, ARLANXEO products are used in many types of sports. ARLANXEO even ensures top performance for the official match ball of the soccer World Cup in Russia – with the sustainable rubber Keltan® Eco. The layer of foam rubber beneath the exterior of the ball ensures optimal bounce.

But whether it’s for soccer, basketball or handball, all balls should remain firm for as long as possible. The air in the ball has a ball bladder with X_Butyl®, and the butyl rubber from the TSR BU is particularly gastight.

Even squash balls comprise a significant part of butyl rubber leading to a high level of elasticity. In the case of golf balls, perfect flight characteristics are ensured by means of butadiene rubbers from the Buna® brand, which are embedded in the hard rubber core beneath the exterior.

Hans Joris, Global Marketing Director Non-Tire at TSR, said:
“The demands are extremely high here. We have special processes in place to ensure that we meet all the demands.”

On Light Soles

High-tech sports items are also produced to enable top performance in athletics. The right footwear is particularly important for long-distance runners. And this is where ARLANXEO rubbers prove their worth. The perfect rubber mix in the soles of running shoes ensure good cushioning, optimal grip, and durability. For example, neodymium butadiene rubbers and styrene-butadiene rubbers from the Buna brand are used, as well as the butyl rubber X_Butyl, the ethylene vinyl acetate rubber Levapren® and the nitrile butadiene rubbers Krynac® and Perbunan®.

Rubber for Top Performances in Sports
Rubber for Top Performances in Sports
Robust, flexible soles are also a must for trekking and hiking shoes, naturally with rubbers from ARLANXEO. And for trips to the beach or the pool, we also wear rubber on our feet, in our flip-flops. Buna emulsion styrene butadiene rubber and butadiene styrene copolymer ensure a durable, durable sole that retains its color for a long time.

Sporty, Yet Safe

Things can get a little rough in some sports. The ethylene vinyl acetate synthetic rubber Levapren from ARLANXEO ensures the safety of athletes. Fashioned into protective pads of soft foam, it is used in helmets and in elbow and knee pads. They protect football players, hockey players, and cyclists in the case of falls and heavy impact.

Motorcycling fans also use special protective clothing reinforced with Levapren. Orthopedic bandages with Baypren® chloroprene rubber from ARLANXEO provide support for injured elbows, wrists, and knees. This rubber ensures that the joints remain mobile while giving them sufficient
support to heal.

Perfect for Water Sports

Baypren also has a wide range of applications relating to water sports. For example, it can be used to produce diving suits, booties, diving hoods, and gloves with excellent insulation. Sun and saltwater have little effect on Baypren, which makes it perfect for water sports such as surfing or windsurfing.

Heiner Stange, Head of Technical Marketing at the business area CR/EVM, said:
“We offer Baypren in various forms, with many different types of applications. Our sulfurous forms are particularly suitable for water sports, as they are extremely tear resistant.”

High-Performing in Many Disciplines
ARLANXEO rubbers are also used in many other sporting applications – from track and sports field surfaces to grips for golf clubs, coverings for table tennis bats, and bicycle tires.

Jürgen Gunther, Head of Global Sales, HPE, said:
“Depending on the application, we develop custom solutions for our customers.”

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