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Avient Introduces Chemical-resistant Thermoplastics for High-touch Surfaces

Published on 2021-06-23. Author : SpecialChem

avient-thermoplastic-disinfection Avient Corporation has launched three patent-pending grades for the point-of-sale and consumer markets. The new Edgetek™ ET8900 CR series formulations feature outstanding chemical and crack resistance to common consumer disinfectants versus conventional alternative polymers such as PC/ABS, PC/PET, and PC/PBT.

Innovations to Fulfill Market Demand

These materials were developed in response to consumer and industrial market demands for materials that can withstand increased cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Formulations were tested using an adapted ASTM D543 method for environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR). Results showed that these materials provide better chemical resistance and property retention versus conventional PC blend alternatives after exposure to common consumer disinfectants, including Lysol® all-purpose cleaner, Formula 409® heavy duty degreaser, and Clorox® disinfectant wipes.

Available in unfilled, impact-modified, and flame-retardant grades, these formulations deliver performance that is comparable to PC blends and well suited to high-touch applications, such as point-of-sale devices. Additionally, all grades are available in a natural color, allowing molded-in-color options for a broad range of durable, consumer goods.

Edgetek™ ET8900 CR materials are available globally. The flame-retardant grade in the series is formulated to meet UL-94 rating 5VA at 3.0 mm and V-0 at 1.5 mm.

The pandemic has given rise to more frequent cleaning and disinfecting, and this new normal is fueling demand for materials that can endure increased chemical exposure without degrading,” said Matthew Mitchell, director, global marketing, specialty engineered materials at Avient. “This is especially true for public, high-touch surfaces that are being wiped or sprayed at increasing rates. These new grades offer application and design engineers a durable solution that reduces disinfectant-related failures, like cracking and crazing, so products and surfaces can last longer and look better.”

Source: Avient
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