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Avient Launches Non-blooming TPEs to Boost Aesthetics in Consumer Electronics

Published on 2021-03-02. Author : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Electrical & Electronics   

avient-Versaflex-CE-3130 Avient Corporation has launched its Versaflex™ CE 3130 series – engineered thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) to overcome the challenge of surface blooms on over-molded consumer electronics and boost productivity.

Integrating Lasting Aesthetics and Functionality

Blooming or efflorescence can prematurely spoil a premium, over-molded TPE surface on consumer electronics devices. This can occur due to improper injection molding conditions or the incompatibility of a TPE or vulcanized silicone material with certain additives. In the past, excellent aesthetics often meant compromising processing speed and performance attributes, such as abrasion resistance, stain resistance, and cycle times.

Our new Versaflex™ CE 3130 series materials integrate lasting aesthetics and functionality,” said Matthew Mitchell, director, global marketing, specialty engineered materials at Avient. “These new TPEs can help electronics brands and OEMs successfully and sustainably deliver on color, material, and finish trends without the fear of surface blooms.”

Using Versaflex™ non-blooming materials, brands and OEMs can achieve a premium, silky-soft over-molded surface without surface blooms. In addition, the TPEs offer critical UV and stain resistance to endure everyday wear and tear. Because they over-mold onto PC and PC/ABS with a smooth surface, they also eliminate the need for secondary coatings. In addition, the materials’ outstanding mold release improves cycle times, reducing overall energy use to support manufacturers in reaching their sustainability goals.

Source: Avient
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