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Avient Launches Bio-based Polyamide Materials with Lower Warpage

Published on 2022-03-16. Edited By : SpecialChem

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avient-nymax-biopa Avient launches Nymax™ BIO Formulations, a line of bio-based polyamide materials that help customers reach their sustainability goals. These new materials also solve the long-standing problem of undesirable water absorption levels in other bio-derived polyamide materials available today.

Lower Carbon Footprint with Renewable Content

Formulated in glass fiber-filled and unfilled options, Nymax BIO materials include between 16 and 47 percent natural filler from renewable plant sources, including corn, straw, and wheat. Renewable, plant-based raw materials have been shown to offer significantly lower product carbon footprint values than typical petroleum-based feedstock.

Compared with traditional PA66 glass fiber-filled materials, these bio-derived solutions offer lower warpage plus excellent surface appearance and colorability. Nymax BIO low-water-absorption polyamide formulations deliver excellent dimensional stability and property retention after conditioning, providing a solution to the problem of water uptake (hygroscopy) for finished parts.

Suitable for Various High-end Applications

Nymax BIO materials are applicable for automotive, consumer, industrial, and building and construction applications and for both injection molding and extrusion processes. They can also be customized for specific performance needs, such as laser welding and flame retardant properties.

Sustainability is a high priority for consumer brands. Most have initiatives built around bringing more environmentally friendly products to market,” said Matt Mitchell, director, global marketing, specialty engineered materials at Avient. “Our new Nymax BIO line of bio-based polyamide formulations exemplifies our continuous innovation in developing sustainable materials, and expands the material choices for design engineers while mitigating the risk of water absorption.”

Nymax BIO formulations are currently manufactured in Asia and are available globally.

Source: Avient

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