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Avient Expands Low-dielectric Thermoplastics Portfolio with New Grades

Published on 2021-07-28. Edited By : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Electrical & Electronics   

low-dielectric-5g Avient announces the addition of PREPERM™ low-loss dielectric thermoplastics to its growing portfolio of materials serving the needs of emerging 5G applications.

Stable 5G Performance with New Materials

Devices that rely on 5G are sparking innovation in industries ranging from telecommunications and consumer electronics to automotive and healthcare. The devices, in turn, rely on materials that limit signal loss at high-band 5G frequencies (mmWave). These high frequency, conductive materials enable faster and more reliable connections for antennas, base stations, resonators, lenses, automotive radar, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and service providers’ equipment that directly serves end-users, such as routers and modems.

PREPERM™ thermoplastics provide stable and controlled dielectric performance plus ultra-low transmission loss at mmWave frequencies up to 220 GHz. With a dielectric constant (Dk) range spanning 2.55 to 23, the materials are optimized to boost antenna efficiency and deliver lightweight solutions for 5G devices.

Faster Prototyping and Shorter Lead Times

These polymers, together with Avient’s application design and prototyping services, allow for faster prototyping and shorter lead times compared to ceramics traditionally used in telecom applications. Injection moldable and colorable, PREPERM™ materials are available globally.

With tremendous growth forecast for 5G networks and user adoption over the next five years, design engineers and manufacturers need advanced materials that enable faster, more efficient networks,” said Matt Mitchell, global marketing director, Specialty Engineered Materials at Avient.

PREPERM™ materials meet those challenges with better performance and lower total costs versus ceramics. These dielectrically tuned materials are a perfect complement to our current portfolio of 5G solutions that meet this dynamic industry’s needs.”

Source: Avient


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