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Avient Introduces Heat-stabilized Toughened PPA for Demanding Applications

Published on 2021-11-01. Edited By : SpecialChem

TAGS:   High Heat Materials    Automotive   

avient-PPA-toughend Avient introduces its Edgetek™ toughened polyphthalamide (PPA) formulations, offering improved heat performance and low moisture absorption versus nylon 66 (PA66) for demanding applications.

Superior Properties and Performance

The new impact-modified PPA materials are formulated in filled and unfilled grades that deliver exceptional structural integrity and impact resistance at high temperatures. These heat-stabilized formulations maintain tensile strength and tensile elongation properties when tested for long-term thermal aging up to 120°C. With a slower moisture absorption rate than PA66, they also help to improve durability and long-term performance. Enhanced chemical resistance makes Edgetek™ Toughened PPA ideal for a range of rigid applications, such as cooling systems, housings, fuel pumps or structural components.

This high-performing formulation provides an effective solution for durable, structural applications that need to withstand extreme environments,” said Matt Mitchell, director, global marketing of specialty engineered materials at Avient. “We’ve combined material science and innovation to expand designers’ ability to solve application challenges.”

Edgetek™ Toughened PPA formulations are currently manufactured in the U.S. and available for purchase globally.

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