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B9Creations’ New Resins for 3D Printed Mold Replacement and Production Parts

Published on 2021-10-06. Edited By : SpecialChem

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ABS-robust-portfolio B9Creations launches its Robust resin line with new ABS and ABS/PC materials, compatible with the company’s B9 Core Series 3D printers.

High Resistance to Heat and Impact

The new resins are comparable to ABS/PC thermoplastic, with high heat deflection temperature (HDT), and can be used for end-use production parts and as a 3D printed mold replacement for injection molds and metal molds, boasting both impact resistance and an exceptionally smooth surface finish that mimics injection molded parts. 3D printed molds cost a fraction of the price of traditional molds, as well as enable short-run production and faster, more cost-effective iteration.

Also joining B9Creations’ Robust material line is a heat- and impact-resistant ABS resin. Ideal for strong and stiff parts, Robust - ABS is a rigid and durable engineering-grade material that emulates the stability of ABS plastic.

Replacing Traditional Molds

Traditional metal molds typically cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 or more, while molds 3D printed in B9Creations’ Robust - ABS/PC resin cost $1 to $10. And traditional molds have an iteration cycle of 2–6 weeks, whereas 3D printed molds, on average, take just one hour to create.

By leveraging 3D printed molds, customers can build more resilient supply chains, onshore production, and move from prototype to scaled production with their desired engineering material, or even biocompatible material that is tailored to meet their regulatory needs. B9Creations strives to help its customers better serve theirs, and 3D printed molds enable companies to do just that – by powering businesses to get better products to market faster, as well as by making it feasible to lower minimum order quantities.

Source: B9Creations


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