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BASF Launches Rugged New TPU Applications for EVs & Medical at CHINAPLAS 2018

Published on 2018-04-27. Author : SpecialChem

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Long-life charging cables take advantage of the mechanical strength and chemical resistance of Elastollan® TPU
Long-life charging cables take advantage of the mechanical
strength and chemical resistance of Elastollan® TPU
At CHINAPLAS 2018, BASF is introducing a range of rugged new applications made with its thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Elastollan® that meet demands for high performance and durability. The elasticity of Elastollan has been optimized to deliver functionalities required for mining screens, electric vehicle charging cables, and medical equipment.

Range of High-performance Applications Made with Elastollan® TPU

  • BASF is showcasing electric vehicle charging cables which were recently approved in compliance with the China National Standard for Electric Vehicles (GB/T33594-2017). Owing to its outstanding abrasion resistance, coupled with excellent mechanical strength and flexibility, as well as its strong chemical resistance, Elastollan helps extend the life of charging cables and ensures a stable, safe power flow in electric vehicles.

  • In sensitive medical areas, Elastollan contributes to the safety and health of more patients. In oxygenators used in heart surgeries for instance, hollow fibers made of Elastollan membranes with the ends cast together using a compact PU system, provide a solid frame ensuring blood is oxygenated as precisely as possible. BASF’s TPU exhibits almost no electrostatic charging, which can create problems during surgery. Fibers made of Elastollan manufactured with extreme precision make it possible to safely produce fiber walls with a thickness of only 70 μ.

  • BASF is presenting mining screens made from Elastollan, which is superior to conventional materials, owing to its excellent abrasion, cut and tear resistance. As mining screens need to process rocks, metals and gravel loads over a long service life, they need to be extremely durable. The durability of Elastollan ensures optimal mineral screening, improving process efficiencies.

Source: BASF
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