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BASF Launches Microbial-resistant TPU with Food Contact Approval at Fakuma Virtual

Published on 2020-10-14. Author : SpecialChem

basf-tpu-fakuma BASF presents Elastollan® 1598 A 10 FC, a novel TPU plastic with food contact (FC) approval that combines the highly effective hydrolysis and microbial resistance of ether-based thermoplastic polyurethanes with the excellent mechanical properties of ester TPU at its virtual booth on the International Trade Fair for Plastics Processing (Fakuma).

Ideal for Pneumatic Hose Applications

Elastollan® 1598 A 10 FC is an aromatic thermoplastic polyether polyurethane that BASF has developed specifically to meet its customers’ requirements for pneumatic hose applications.

“With Elastollan® 1598 A 10 FC, our customers can benefit from the advantages of two TPU worlds in one product,” says Mark Ottens, segment manager of extrusion TPU at BASF. “This expands the area of application within the target application of pneumatic hoses and the development of new fields of application. Due to the better burst pressure behavior in relation to temperature, the Elastollan® 1598 A 10 FC can be used to achieve a higher operating temperature of pneumatic hoses compared to conventional ether TPUs.”.

Suitable Material in High-temperature Environment

The main advantages of Elastollan® 1598 A 10 FC are its outstanding product performance, especially at higher operating temperatures, characterized by significantly reduced creep behavior, increased bursting pressure and the bursting behavior itself.

For customers, this means a longer product life as well as an expansion of the field of application, for example, a higher requirement classification. In addition, Elastollan® 1598 A 10 FC characteristics include outstanding crystallization behavior and robust dimensional stability, which results in excellent processability in extrusion. “Customers benefit from efficient processing, e. g., faster line speed or less scrap at startup.” explains Ottens.

The excellent performance of Elastollan® 1598 A 10 FC widens the range of new industrial applications. For example, the reduced creep behavior combined with good wear behavior makes this product ideal for the conveyor and belt sector. Here, a lower creep tendency leads to less slippage and, therefore, improves the conveyor belt’s operating life. In addition, Elastollan® 1598 A 10 FC is available in all colors and is classified for fire safety, according to UL94 HB.

On-demand Customization for Changing Needs

With the new Elastollan® 1598 A 10 FC, BASF is responding to its customers’ changing needs for a resistant ether-based TPU, coupled with the favorable mechanical properties of the ester-based TPU.

“With Elastollan® 1598 A 10 FC, we are demonstrating that even small improvements can effectively open up completely new fields of application and offer added value for our customers,” says Marc Wilken, Key Account Manager, Sales, DACH. “In the development phase, we are working with our customers and partners to examine further fields of application in which the special ether-ester properties of Elastollan® 1598 A 10 FC can offer added value.”

Source: BASF
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