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BASF - First to Get Construction Type Approval for Extruded Foam Boards

Published on 2017-08-25. Author : SpecialChem

Styrodur® XPS Foam Boards
Styrodur® XPS Foam Boards
In mid-July 2017, BASF became the first XPS producer to receive a construction type approval for extruded foam boards welded in a contactless process. The general technical approvals Z-23.31-2083 and Z-23.33-2084 pertain to Styrodur® SQ in inverted roof and perimeter applications.

Under the brand name Styrodur® 3000 SQ, products are sold with nominal thicknesses of 200, 240, and 300 mm, which are joined together in layers of three, four, or five to form a single board by means of contactless thermal welding applied across their whole surface.

Styrodur® 3000 SQ for Inverted Roofs and Perimeters

These new products complete BASF’s recently fully updated range, which boasts a uniform declared lambda value of 0.033 W/(m·K) in all board thicknesses. The compressive stress characteristics of the new 3000 SQ types have also been improved further. This provides architects, planners, and homeowners with a leaner wall construction coupled with increased insulation performance. The permissible compressive stress over 50 years at < 2% deformation, tested in accordance with DIN EN 1606, has been increased from 110 to 130 kPa.


  • The compression-proof, water-repellent, and rot-proof Styrodur has protected homes from heat, cold, and moisture for more than 50 years. 
  • The green XPS is characterized by its reliable product quality as well as the continuous efforts to gain approvals. 
  • Styrodur is the insulation material with the greatest number of officially approved uses in the German XPS market. 
  • Insulation with Styrodur prolongs the lifespan of buildings, increases their value, and improves the living environment. 
  • The various Styrodur types, which contain air as the cell gas, differ mainly in their compressive strength. 

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Source: BASF
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