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Borealis and Borouge Launch Superior LLDPE Packaging Grades for Global Market

Published on 2017-10-27. Author : SpecialChem

Borealis and Borouge have announced the launch of Anteo™, a new family of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) packaging grades for the global packaging market. Anteo delivers:

  • Easy processability at lower extruder pressure
  • Better sealing integrity 
  • Improved puncture resistance in combination with strong optics for enhanced shelf appeal

Borealis Seven Layer Film Machine
Borealis Seven Layer Film Machine

Global Launch of Packaging Grades

Boasting a unique combination of end-use properties for high-performance film applications, Anteo completes the full solution offer for high performance, multilayer flexible packaging applications using Borealis Borstar® Bimodal Terpolymer (BBT) Technology.

Borouge produces Anteo at the Ruwais plant in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The reliable supply of Anteo to customers around the world is assured thanks to Borouge’s production, material handling, and global supply chain capabilities.

Launch at Three Different Locations

The global launch of Anteo is taking place simultaneously at three different geographic locations.
  • The story of Anteo is highlighting the key aspects of the new technology and product, reflecting its uniqueness, usefulness and innovative elements: the launch of Borealis BBT Technology at the company’s Innovation Headquarters in Linz, Austria highlights the importance of the advanced and innovative technologies used to create the new product. 
  • Meanwhile, the launch of Anteo in Abu Dhabi, UAE, focuses on the significance of Borouge’s production facilities where the product is manufactured and exported from Abu Dhabi to both companies’ customers all over the world, who benefit from Borouge’s robust supply chain network. 
  • In Shanghai, China, the focus is on the development opportunities made available to provide Anteo product in such a huge market with an increasing base of current and potential customers.

Complete Success Builds on Borstar Bimodal Terpolymer Technology

Borealis’ proprietary BBT Technology offers exceptional flexibility in polymer design by combining smart catalyst design with a superior, two-reactor system process with two co-monomers. The result: unique polyethylene resins with superior processability. This property is augmented by other high performance-related attributes like flexibility, stiffness, toughness, purity, outstanding sealability, and appealing optics.

Three main features give the BBT Technology the competitive edge:
  • Bimodality in molecular weight 
  • Bimodality in density
  • Tailored co-monomer incorporation

Uniquely Made in the UAE

It is the first time that Borealis and Borouge jointly manufacture a product at one single location and then makes it globally available. This endeavor is enabled by the excellent cooperation and technology exchange between both companies. Customers benefit from guaranteed and consistent quality product and the companies’ joint supply chain capabilities across the globe.

Anteo Production at Borealis Innovation Headquarters
Anteo Production at Borealis Innovation Headquarters

Anteo: the New Ingredient for Complete Success in Flexible Packaging

As the key ingredient for higher performance and more sustainable multilayer applications, Anteo opens up a range of exciting application opportunities thanks to its unique combination of superior end-use properties. Having been tested and confirmed by over 100 Borealis and Borouge customers around the globe, the proven benefits of Anteo span the entire value chain:
  • Unparalleled processability: easy processability at lower extruder pressure (over 15% less than conventional metallocene LLDPE sealants), with the derived benefit of lower energy consumption.
  • Seal integrity and sealing speed: high speeds can be achieved when used as sealing material in laminated/non-laminated film, resulting in lower energy consumption and less material waste. 
  • A step change in puncture resistance: an important contribution to reducing spoilage and/or potential damage to pack contents.
  • Pleasing optics for enhanced shelf appeal.

Globally Available Full Solution Under One Roof

Anteo is anchored in technology and innovation, production capacity and supply chain, and future application development. The official launch locales in October represent the varied contributions being made to creating, growing, producing, and marketing the Anteo flagship brand.

Linz, Austria, Europe
Alfred Stern, Borealis Executive Vice President, Polyolefins and Innovation & Technology, explained:
"The beating heart of Borealis innovation is intensely felt in Linz, the home of Borealis Innovation Headquarters. Our proprietary Borstar technology and catalyst design are the cornerstones of success, and key to fulfilling the Borealis mission of Value Creation through Innovation. Our aim to be the most innovative and reliable partner to the polyolefins industry is underscored by the launch of Anteo and the BBT Technology."

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Ahmed Omar Abdulla, Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Polymers Company (Borouge), said:
"The reliable and truly global supply of Anteo is proudly produced by Borouge in the UAE. This is a remarkable achievement that integrates with ADNOC's vision for the future of petrochemicals industry. We have the production capacity and the supply chain expertise to ensure a smooth launch of Anteo and secure its success. Moreover, we are delivering new high-value industrial applications for Anteo including the stretch hood and heavy duty shipping sack segments."

Shanghai, China
Wim Roels, Chief Executive Officer of Borouge Pte Ltd, stated:
"Our customers always look for ways to gain a competitive advantage for their business. We recognize this, and set ourselves apart by engaging the total value chain in order to create value for them. This approach enables us to support our customers with creative solutions that address the full scope of their requirements. In essence, the Anteo advantage means even more than improved sealing speed and processing: it also means more reliability, quality and productivity. We are excited to share Anteo with the market, and look forward to delivering this new ingredient for complete success."

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Source: Borouge
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