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Brenntag’s NYLAFORCE® Dynamic B Compounds Facilitate Substitution of PA66 by PA6

Published on 2019-02-05. Author : SpecialChem

Brenntag, chemical distributor and compound developer, has introduced two PA6-based products for the substitution of PA66. Taking account of specific differences and user needs, PA66 and PA6 have much in common and there is certainly potential for adequate substitution.

Substitution of PA66 By PA6 Based Products

BrenntagCurrent developments and predictions show clearly that an easing of the problem involving a "Sustainable supply of PA66" is not in sight. This year once again, the still critical market situation – lack of availability combined with continuously increasing demand and prices – with polyamide 66 will be very much on the agenda of the plastics industry. Innovative materials and creative developers are needed to compensate for the tight resources – and thus the question of allocation – and other disruptive factors along the global PA66 process chain, and to find long-term alternatives.

Brenntag's NYLAFORCE- PA6-based products

Brenntag's NYLAFORCE® dynamic range consists of compounds based on PA6. They have been developed specifically for demanding technical applications. The high-performance engineering polymers combine high product efficiency with very good processing properties, outstanding surface quality and universal application. Particularly impressive are the mechanical properties of the products, which are quite exceptional for highly reinforced polyamides.

Properties of NYLAFORCE®

For example, the tensile strength of NYLAFORCE® dynamic B 50, which is reinforced with 50% glass fibers, is approx. 10% above the figure for a standard PA66 GF 50, and the conditioned value is comparable. In the tensile test, NYLAFORCE® dynamic B 60, because of its higher glass fiber content of 60%, has even better mechanical properties, also at higher temperatures.

NYLAFORCE® dynamic B compounds also boast a broad processing window and high dimensional stability. All these properties make the materials a very good alternative to PA66 for applications and components in automotive, building and construction, E&E etc.

On principle, other polymers apart from PA6 such as PPS or PBT are also suitable for modification. Brenntag works with a wide selection of base polymers, additives, fillers and reinforcing materials, and, adopting a user-oriented approach, develops customized compounds.

Source: Brenntag
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