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Automotive Engineering & Future Connectivity: Celanese at CHINAPLAS 2018

Published on 2018-04-25. Author :

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Automotive Engineering & Future Connectivity: Celanese at CHINAPLAS 2018Celanese Corporation (Hall 7.2 Booth #D35) is showcasing its broad engineered materials product portfolio at CHINAPLAS 2018 taking place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. At the event, key customer themes include:

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Enabling Electrification 
  • Structural Lightweighting 
  • Low Emissions 
  • Appearance Harmony
  • Future Connectivity, Smart Home, and Green Life

Art of Material Selection – Four New Polymer Innovations

Celanese presents four new polymer innovations to further demonstrate the Art of Material Selection. The four new polymer innovations will include:

Low-Emission Hostaform® XLE POM

It offers more than 100 times reduction in formaldehyde emissions over standard POM (acetal copolymer) and allows parts suppliers and original equipment manufacturers to meet strict formaldehyde-emission guidelines, such as GB/T 27630, for automotive interior components.

Low-Odor Celstran® XLE LFRT

It provides superior odor and VOC emission performance and allows for the use of long-fiber enhanced thermoplastics in large automotive parts without significantly increasing overall odor or VOC levels of vehicle interiors.

Celapex™ ultra high flow PEEK

It addresses injection molding processing issues typically associated with PEEK. The Celanese solution enables molding of thin wall, intricate parts and long flow length components at lower injection pressure and lower melt temperature and enhances part making productivity at lower conversion cost as well as simplifies mold design.

Zenite® SEA Series

It improves high-end compact camera modules in portable devices with less particle, good dimensional stability and mechanical properties enabling thin wall design, molding consistency and productivity.

While at CHINAPLAS, Celanese provides customers with insight into its solution-centric customer approach with the main focus at the booth on the Celanese “Innovation Station” which highlights three key areas:

  • Innovative Polymers,
  • Innovative Solutions and
  • Innovative Services 

Celanese Positioning in China and Greater Asia Region

Mark Oberle, Senior Vice President, Europe and Asia said:
“With more than 50 years of technical and manufacturing expertise, Celanese is a trusted development partner and first-choice solution source globally, with one of the world’s broadest thermoplastics portfolios on the market,”

“Expanding through recent acquisitions and polymer innovations, Celanese has further strengthened its leadership position in the engineered materials market to become a global elastomers and nylon compounding provider as well.”

Kevin Wu, Vice President and Managing Director, Greater China and Korea added:
“As customer needs diversify, Celanese is well positioned within China -- as well as the greater Asia region -- to meet the demanding technical requirements of consumer and industrial customers,”

“The need for our customers to rapidly develop products for their customer base is ever increasing; and that’s why partnering with Celanese can provide a competitive advantage when bringing new and innovative products and applications to market.”

Source: Celanese
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