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Covestro’s Marine-grade Polycarbonate Enables Flexible Boat Enclosures Enhance the View

Published on 2017-11-10. Author : SpecialChem

Water, salt, sun – boats must withstand harsh environments day in and day out. With this in mind, Covestro has formulated a family of marine-grade polycarbonates for flexible boat enclosures. These materials provide boaters with clear, unobstructed views that make navigating the open water a breeze.

PC Sheet Redefines the View of Boaters
PC Sheet Redefines the View of Boaters

Revolutionary Glazing Material

  • Makrolon® marine grade polycarbonate products provide a glass-like, wrinkle-free appearance. 
  • Combining clarity with durability, Makrolon® polycarbonate sheet provides a clear, unobstructed view on the water. 
  • This low-distortion, high- impact-resistant products can be sewn using commercially available, heavy duty sewing machines or adhesive bonded. 
  • They withstand the harshest environments, including salt and sun exposure, while providing a stunning view for years to come.

Redefining the View

Mark Mitchell, boat owner, said:
“Covestro developed a revolutionary glazing material based on the needs of the industry. We believe when Covestro asked what was needed, they listened and developed a great polycarbonate product. The specified material checks all the boxes for boat owners: maximum optics and low distortion. These materials have really redefined the view from the captain's chair.”

Makrolon® Marine 5 PC Sheet

Designed for the most demanding applications, key benefits of Makrolon® Marine 5 polycarbonate sheet include:
  • Five-year limited warranty for microcracks, yellowing and breakage
  • Highest weathering performance
  • High optics, long-term clarity and low optical distortion
  • Two-sided hard coat protection against abrasion, UV and chemical attack
  • Sew-ability
  • Availability in 0.060" and 0.080"
  • Ability to be used in flat and curved applications

Makrolon® VR

Makrolon® VR, a high-optical-clarity alternative to vinyl for flat and curved applications, features:
  • Two-sided enhanced weatherability, resistance to yellowing
  • Improved sew-ability & cut-ability over heavier gauge polycarbonate options
  • Ability to be rolled, which is ideal where space is limited
  • Availability in 0.040”
  • A five-year limited warranty for breakage

Celeste Dunn, transportation segment manager – Polycarbonate Sheet, Covestro LLC, said:
“We’ve worked with multiple levels of the supply chain and appreciate the opportunity to collaborate on innovative, next-generation, high-performance and flexible glazing materials for the marine industry.”

Covestro offers several grades of polycarbonate sheets for marine glazing applications.

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Source: Covestro
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