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Glass-like Marine PC Sheets for Better View: Covestro at Marine Fabricators Conf.

Published on 2018-01-24. Author : SpecialChem

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Water, salt, sun – boats must withstand harsh environments day in and day out. With this in mind, Covestro has formulated a family of marine-grade polycarbonates for flexible boat enclosures. For boat enthusiasts, the clear, unobstructed views possible with these materials mean smooth sailing on the open water.

Covestro has formulated a family of marine-grade polycarbonates for flexible boat enclosures
Covestro has formulated a family of marine-grade polycarbonates for flexible boat enclosures

Covestro will showcase its marine grade products at booth #201 during the Marine Fabricators Conference, January 25–27, in Savannah, Georgia.

Makrolon® Marine-grade Polycarbonate Sheet

  • The durable Makrolon® marine-grade polycarbonate sheet products have been designed for the most-demanding marine applications, yet offer a clear, glass-like, wrinkle-free appearance. 
  • These low-distortions, high-impact-resistant products can be sewn using commercially available, heavy duty sewing machines or adhesive bonded.
  • They withstand the toughest outdoor elements while providing a stunning view for years to come.

Makrolon® Grades on Display

  • Makrolon® Marine 5 polycarbonate sheet is a premier marine polycarbonate sheet product with enhanced weatherability, low optical distortion and long-term clarity. The two-sided hard coat technology provides protection against abrasion and chemicals, while delivering enhanced UV resistance. Makrolon® Marine 5 offers a five-year limited warranty for microcracks, yellowing and breakage, and can be cut and sewn for use in flat and curved applications. It is available in sizes 0.060" and 0.080".
  • Makrolon® AR polycarbonate sheet is an abrasion resistant polycarbonate product recommended for flat applications only. This two-sided hard coat sheet offers protection against chemical and UV attack, while providing clarity and low optical distortion. It is available in size 0.060.”
  • Makrolon® VR polycarbonate sheet is a high-optical-clarity alternative to vinyl for flat and curved applications. It has the ability to be rolled, making it ideal for applications with limited storage. Proprietary UV technology ensures long lasting outdoor weathering performance. Available in size 0.040”, this grade can easily be sewn or cut compared to heavier gauge polycarbonate options. The product carries a five-year limited warranty for breakage.

Visitors to the Marine Fabricators Conference 2018 can speak to experts at Covestro’s booth (#201) to learn more about polycarbonate sheet for marine glazing applications. 

Covestro's Makrolon® Polycarbonate Range

Source: Covestro LLC
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