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Covestro Offers Lightweight Polycarbonates for Electric Vehicles

Published on 2019-11-20. Author : SpecialChem

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covestro-future-mobility Covestro has announced that it showcased the latest material innovations for future cities and future mobility at CoMotion LA. From lightweight and durable polycarbonates for electric vehicle battery packaging to innovative technologies for 5G connectivity, Covestro is focused on enabling emerging mobility trends through its materials.

Polycarbonate for Optical Purity and Automotive Lighting

Covestro has developed a 3D curved display concept that utilizes Makrolon® Ai 2417 polycarbonate for high optical purity and Makrofol® HF film.

The company will also highlight the advantages of polycarbonate for automotive lighting with a demonstrator that showcases multiple forward-lighting components and supportive technologies.

Covestro’s Future of Mobility Virtual Reality

At the Covestro booth, attendees were invited to sit back, relax and enjoy a ride to the year 2030 via the Covestro Future of Mobility Virtual Reality experience. This immersive experience takes passengers on a journey through two autonomous vehicles, highlighting the critical role that materials will play in designing future vehicle interiors. Additionally, Covestro experts will participate in the following panel and workshop.

Shifting Away from Fossil Fuels

Walking, cycling and electric vehicles are creating a shift away from fossil fuels and their pollution. David Hartmann, senior VP at Covestro, discussed how to prioritize, promote and support these means of transportation during the How Green is my Transport? He shared the biggest gains that need to be made in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and how companies can make them equitable.

When a vehicle has reached the end of its life, what comes next? This was the focus of the Designing for Sustainability and Life Cycle Management Workshop hosted by Covestro. The company discussed a variety of topics around mobility life cycle management in both shared and private ownership models.

Source: Covestro
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