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Covestro Highlighted PUR-insulated Structural Wall Panel for B&C at AIA

Published on 2018-07-11. Author : SpecialChem

PUReWall™ Panels
PUReWall™ Panels
High-performance materials allow architects, engineers and others in the building and construction industry to craft long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound structures. At the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018, June 21-23, in New York City, Covestro LLC showcased its broad portfolio of materials at booth #4861. The company displayed a variety of applications incorporating its materials. Here are a few highlights:

Polyurethane-enabled Panelization for Better Homebuilding

Visitors to the Covestro booth can learn about PUReWall™, a cost-effective, high-performance, insulated structural wall panel for residential construction.

PUReWall™ panels are constructed at a panelization facility using conventional wood frames and polyurethane-based insulation that is both continuous and between framing. The rigid polyiso board continuous insulation reduces thermal bridging and has an integrated weather-resistive barrier that eliminates the need for plastic house wrap.

When combined with a structural closed cell spray polyurethane foam used in the stud cavity, PUReWall™ panels provide a similar unit shear capacity to continuously sheathed wood structural panels. Covestro developed and now licenses this game-changing technology.

Other Polyurethane Solutions for B&C

Attendees learnt about other polyurethane solutions for building and construction at the Covestro booth:
  • Open cell spray polyurethane foam functions as an air barrier to help seal the building envelope. It is excellent for residential construction or in warmer climates and provides good R-value per inch. It can also be applied to the underside of the roof deck, to create a semi-conditioned, enclosed attic space ideal for locating ductwork and HVAC equipment.
  • Oriented strand board (OSB) with polyurethane binder features superior moisture resistance, in addition to high-performance strength and stiffness.

Source: Covestro LLC
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