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Covestro's Tailor-made PC Solutions for Next-gen Technologies at CHINAPLAS 2018

Published on 2018-04-25. Author : SpecialChem

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Under the theme of “Let’s Play”, Covestro showcases its best practices gleaned from close cooperation with various industry players from design to production at CHINAPLAS 2018. The German materials manufacturer thereby positions itself as a reliable technology partner that drives innovation forward together with its customers.

Covestro Addresses Next-gen Technologies with Tailor-made PC Solutions at CHINAPLAS 2018

Michelle Jou, President of the Covestro Polycarbonates Segment said:
“Dynamic markets require a high innovation capability as well as agility in our business to participate in the rapid developments in the Asia Pacific region, especially in China,”

“We are committed to these markets with a strategy focused on sustainability and innovation. That is what we showcase at our booth at Chinaplas as well.”

Fueling Industrial Development as a “Technology Partner”

At the trade fair in Shanghai, Covestro’s showcases topics including:

  • Technology for Life
  • Innovation in Motion
  • Inspiration from Design, and 
  • Tuning Lightweight Solutions

Under these themes, Covestro displays solutions for living & health, mobility, electronics, 3D printing, composites and more.

Covestro has adopted a digitalized, interactive, and intuitive booth setup that offers an immersive experience for visitors. A state-of-the-art CMF (Colors, Materials & Finishes) wall is also on display to show the cutting-edge development of CMF technology. In addition, inspiration lounges and a CMF design forum will be hosted during the Chinaplas event days to further enrich dialogues on market trends and opportunities.

Covestro Adopts a Digitalized, Interactive, and Intuitive Booth Setup

Holly Lei, Senior Vice President of the Covestro Polycarbonates segment in the Asia-Pacific region said:
“Recent surge of various cutting-edge technologies presents both challenges and opportunities to brand owners and individuals. Covestro helps customers in the automotive, healthcare, and electrical & electronics industries to find solutions to the most pressing challenges. Providing comprehensive support, we enable both viable and cost-effective solutions to push next-generation technologies.”

Innovations in IoT, Shared Mobility and Electric Vehicles

As new innovations in the field of the internet of things, shared mobility and electric vehicles (EV) continue to happen, Covestro leverages its technology and research and development expertise to bring new value-added services to its customers. Covestro’s tailor-made solutions contribute to aesthetic and lightweight technology for:

  • Automobile exteriors and interiors 
  • EV battery packs, and 
  • Holistic applications for smart living and business scenarios

Advancement of Healthcare Materials

Makrolon® Rx3440 polycarbonate from Covestro
With the recent introduction of a medical-grade polycarbonate called Makrolon® Rx3440, Covestro has supported the advancement of healthcare.

This new material is designed for use in luers and other intravenous connectors, allowing healthcare professionals to deliver oncology drugs to patients more safely. The material’s superior durability and chemical resistance helps prevent cracking caused by the aggressive solvents in oncology drugs and other treatments.

Inspiring Innovation on CHINAPLAS 2018

Terence Yau, Vice President of the Covestro Polycarbonates segment in China and Hong Kong, said:
“Following the previous two years’ successes, we are excited to display our products under the creative theme of “Let’s Play”. We hope to leverage the platform of Asia’s largest plastics and rubber trade fair to inspire OEMs, designers and engineers.”

Building on its over 80 years of innovation expertise, Covestro was recently able to further strengthen its already good position within its markets and industries, with sales rising by 18.8 percent to EUR 14.1 billion in 2017. The polycarbonates segment contributed to that with EUR 3.7 billion, 13.3 percent above the previous year.

Polycarbonate Capacity Expansion in China

Particularly in China, Covestro has invested massively and established its largest polycarbonate production site in Shanghai. Enjoying proximity to the growing market, Covestro is now expanding its polycarbonate capacity at the Shanghai to 600,000 metric tons per year to meet the strong domestic demand in China and across Asia Pacific region.

Source: Covestro
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