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Cubicure Launches UL94 V0-classified Flame-retardant Photopolymer for SLA

Published on 2019-11-25. Author : SpecialChem

cubicure-fr-new-photopolymers Cubicure has announced that it has expanded its product portfolio with a flame-retardant photopolymer with the Evolution FR (flame-retardant). The new material system is flame retardant and the first resin for stereolithography (SLA) to achieve UL94 V0 classification.

Combining Photopolymers with Thermoplastic-like Material

Previously, flame-retardant plastics in additive manufacturing could only be processed occasionally by means of material extrusion or powder bed fusion processes. Currently, however, only stereolithographic printing technologies can keep up with the precision level known from injection molding.

In addition, it requires material solutions with combined heat resistance (typically> 70 ° C) and enough mechanical properties of the final component (for example a tensile strength> 30 MPa) in order to be able to realize corresponding industrial applications by means of 3D printing. With Hot Lithography, Cubicure combines photopolymers with these thermoplastic-like material properties with manufacturing tolerances of up to 10 μm.

New Application Areas in Industrial 3D Printing

The flame-retardant and halogen-free Photopolymer Evolution FR can be processed with Cubicure's proprietary and patented Hot Lithography technology. The combination of a new material system and a high-precision, stable manufacturing process now opens up a variety of new areas of application for 3D printing, especially in the mobility and electronics industries. Plastics for parts in the rail industry, but also for components of electronic systems, such as plugs or terminals, go through a variety of certifications to ensure the safety of end users.

UL94 Classification

The American UL94 standard is a process for testing the flammability of plastics, which assesses the burning time as well as the drop of burning parts or drops. The V0 classification prescribes a self-extinguishing flame of a vertically clamped sample within ten seconds and a maximum afterglow of 30 seconds. The V0 classification, with a 50-watt ignition source, is considered one of the highest classifications for flame retardant plastics.

Source: Cubicure
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