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DIC Commercially Launches Unreinforced DIC.PPS Z-200-XY Series for Fitting Applications

Published on 2014-11-11. Author : SpecialChem

DIC following the successful introduction of glass fiber reinforced DIC.PPS Z-230 Black (GF30, impact modified) for various drinking water applications, launches the unreinforced and impact modified DIC.PPS Z-200-XY series commercially for fitting applications in the Asian market. As a European market requirement, the ISO 9080 testing has been performed at an officially accredited laboratory with DIC.PPS Z-200-E5 Gray. This grade exhibits impressive values for maximum hoop stress at various temperatures and is an ideal candidate for the replacement of metals and more costly plastic materials such as PPSU and PVDF utilized for fitting applications.

  • Z-200-XY grades are not limited to injection molding and fitting applications even extrusion, e.g. for cooling lines is also applicable.
  • The GF30 reinforced impact modified type Z-230 Black is one of the preferred and standard materials in Japan and South-East Asia for hot water applications.
  • Z-230 Blacks meets several global approvals, such as KTW / W270, WRAS, ACS, NSF61. Z-200-J1 Black keeps KTW / W270, Z-200-E5 will follow.

About DIC

Established in 1908 as printing inks manufacturing and sales company, DIC has expanded its mainstay organic pigments and synthetic resins businesses while at the same time cultivating world-class related core technologies. Since then, DIC has leveraged these technologies to build a broad portfolio encompassing materials and finished products. This has enabled it to respond to market needs by providing customers in the automotive, electronics, food packaging, housing and other industries with solutions that bring “color” and “comfort” to people’s lives.

DIC is a multinational corporate group with operations in more than 60 countries and territories—will redouble its efforts to contribute to environmental protection and to the realization of a safe and sustainable society.

Source: DIC

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