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Semi-crystalline High-heat Performance PPS by DimeLika Plast for Vehicles & E&E

Published on 2016-11-17. Author : SpecialChem

Metal Substitution with CompaFid® PPS
Metal substitution with CompaFid® PPS
The Schwetzingen-based company, DimeLika Plast has expanded its portfolio with another high-strength material, the semi-crystalline high-performance plastic PPS (polyphenylene sulfide).

Reinforced CompaFid® PPS Compounds

CompaFid® compounds are available in standard market modifications. The standard range includes glass fiber-reinforced and glass fiber/mineral-reinforced models based on "linear" and "inter-connected" PPS base polymers.

Hans-Dieter Voss, Managing Director of DimeLika Plast GmbH, explained:
"We can also make individual adjustments to products for smaller quantities. The same applies to customer-specific color settings. From the product idea right through to series production, we offer our customers comprehensive technical advice and develop customer-specific products when required."

Properties of PPS

  • PPS is a semi-crystalline high-performance plastic, which has good mechanical properties even at temperatures far beyond 200 °C. 
  • Continuous use at up to 240 °C is possible depending on the load. Momentarily, the plastic will also withstand loads of up to 270 °C. 
  • The chemical resistance of PPS in relation to almost all solvents, many acids and alkalis, and to a limited extent against atmospheric oxygen, even at high temperatures, is also excellent.

In addition to low water absorption, polyphenylene sulfide also impresses with its excellent dimensional stability and inherent flame retardant properties. It has outstanding electrical properties (insulator), is highly impermeable to most liquids and gases, has a low creep tendency even at higher temperatures and is also suitable for long and narrow molded parts and complex tool shapes due to its good fluidity.

CompaFid® compounds are particularly well suited to mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical high-stress molded parts in the electronics and vehicle sectors.

About DimeLika Plast

With their comprehensive know-how, high-end customized solutions, and new, innovative applications and products, DimeLika Plast GmbH, founded in early 2011, see themselves as a provider of services and ideas for their customers. Working together with suppliers of raw materials and plastics processors, the company, headquartered in Schwetzingen, Germany, continually develops new and innovative product solutions that are specifically aimed to meet customers’ needs and to help them improve their standing over the competition. An integral part of the company’s approach to business is the close, professional support provided, from the consulting phase on to application engineering, raw materials selection, formulation development, production, and finally, on-site service.

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Source: DimeLika Plast
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