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DOMO’s Self-extinguishing Material Receives UL Yellow Card Certification

Published on 2021-06-29. Edited By : SpecialChem

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domo-ul-card-certification A new UL yellow card has recently been awarded to DOMO Chemicals for DOMAMID® FR 6GT2010V0E, one of its proven solutions developed for the company Mabix S.r.l. and used in production of home appliances. The PA6 based DOMAMID® FR 6GT2010V0E is a self-extinguishing halogen and phosphorus free material, filled with 20% mixed glass and mineral.

Unox Yellow Card

Mabix is a young and dynamic R&D focused company in the fields of mechanical processing, mold construction and plastic injection molding. The use of plastic materials with increasingly sophisticated characteristics, and the automation of production processes allows the company to produce objects with excellent technical and functional characteristics that meet international standards.

"Achieving the highest possible quality at every stage of the production cycle is our primary objective. In the past we used a mixture of four different materials in our production processes but now, DOMO, our supplier for polyamide-based materials has developed a unique PA6 based solution with UL yellow card certification V0 all colors which has allowed us to optimize the production process,” said Mario Degli Agostini CEO at Mabix. S.r.l.

Good Looking and Safer Parts

The final recipient of the Mabix part, a cover for electrical contacts, is UNOX, a manufacturer of professional ovens for the catering industry.

"The final part had to meet the required safety standards but at the same time look good and DOMAMID® FR 6GT2010V0E managed to satisfy both these characteristics,” explained Giovanni Spampatti, technical customer support at DOMO Chemicals. "For Mabix we have developed two colors, black and grey, but the material can be produced in any color," Spampatti concluded.

Source: DOMO
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