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Dow Corning at GILE 2015: To Show its Silicone Expertise for LED Lighting

Published on 2015-06-05. Author : SpecialChem

GUANGZHOU, China -- Dow Corning, among the global leaders in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, will showcase at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) (Booth E36, Hall 9.1) the broad range of cutting-edge silicone solutions and expertise that have established the company as among the top innovators, collaborators and suppliers of silicone to the global LED lighting industry. Several celebrated industry innovators from Dow Corning will be available to share its most recent advances at the LEDInside Forum, and to host exclusive mini-seminars at the company’s booth. These seminars will highlight how Dow Corning’s silicone technology is continuing to empower next-generation lighting concepts along the entire LED value chain.

Notable product highlights will include an advanced phosphor film technology for enabling next-generation LED concepts, such as chip-scale packaging. Also highlighted will be products from Dow Corning’s industry-leading portfolios of high refractive index (RI) optical encapsulants, versatile moldable silicones, thermal management materials and assembly and test solutions.

“At Dow Corning, we recognize the rising competitive pressures our customers face in the global LED lighting industry, and we are dedicated to providing the high-value, performance-enhancing silicone solutions that will help them differentiate their products within the market” said
Kaz Maruyama, global marketing director, Lighting Solutions at Dow Corning. “We collaborate closely with customers across the entire LED value chain to expand design freedoms, maximize optical efficiency, improve light quality and enhance reliability. More than just a materials supplier,
Dow Corning is committed to driving new materials innovations that raise the standard for next-generation LED lighting concepts.”

At LEDInside’s prestigious industry Forum, Maruyama will present an invited paper detailing how the latest advances in Dow Corning’s optical-grade silicone solutions are supporting improvements to LED efficiency and light quality while also expanding design freedoms for secondary optics in LED lamp and luminaire applications. His highly anticipated presentation, titled “Materials Innovations Help You Maximize LED Efficiency” is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. on June 11 in Meeting Room 8, Area B.

Featuring the theme of Illuminating Innovations, Dow Corning’s booth will highlight its broad and growing portfolio of silicone-based innovations targeting solutions along the entire LED value chain, from packaging to lamp and luminaire assembly.

Visitors to the booth can meet and discuss their latest LED design challenges with innovation leaders, such as Makoto Yoshitake, the pioneer of the Dow Corning’s high refractive index (RI) phenyl chemistry for optical encapsulants. In addition, the company’s expert technology team will host four mini-seminars every day to highlight several of the company’s industry-leading solutions. Topics will include:

  • How advanced high-RI optical encapsulants and thermally conductive die attach solutions are enabling more efficient and reliable LED packaging designs
  • How Moldable Silicone® technology is expanding design options and enhancing the performance and reliability of secondary optics for LED lamps and luminaires
  • How silicone adhesives, encapsulants, coatings, thermal interphase materials and other products are simplifying or speeding the assembly of LED packaging, lamps and luminaires
  • New research demonstrating more reliable test standards when measuring the anti-sulfur corrosion performance of LED designs
  • What industry challenges Dow Corning foresees in the coming years, and what new advances it is planning on its LED Lighting Innovation Roadmap to help customers address these challenges

Dow Corning’s industry-leading silicone solutions for LED packaging exemplify this theme. Most notably, the company will feature an advanced phosphor film technology enabling innovative new design and manufacturing options for next-generation LED concepts, such as chip-scale packaging. Additional highlights will come from the company’s highly regarded Dow Corning® Optical Encapsulant product line. These advanced proprietary materials offer a unique combination of mechanical toughness, good processability and strong gas barrier protection for optimization LED light output, while reducing the total cost of ownership.

In addition to showcasing Dow Corning’s latest LED packaging solutions, company experts will be available at the booth to foster collaboration on innovative new solutions for the global LED industry. As always, Dow Corning collaborators can rely on the company’s continuing commitment to build on its strong intellectual property in high RI optical silicones and other advanced materials designed to enable and improve next-generation LED lighting.

Attendees at the booth will also be able to learn more about Dow Corning’s wide range of thermal management solutions for enhanced heat dissipation in next-generation LED lighting. Encompassing thermally conductive silicone adhesives, encapsulants and dispensable thermal pads, this broad portfolio offers versatile solutions for LED designers seeking to improve the reliability and performance of high-brightness modules, lamps and luminaires targeting China’s competitive general lighting market.

Award-winning products from the Dow Corning® Moldable Silicones product line will be another highlight at the booth, where visitors can learn how they have introduced breakthrough new design possibilities for automotive headlamp lenses, secondary optics for chip-on-board designs, reflectors, light guides and other high-performing optical components targeting LED lamp and luminaire applications.

Also featured at the Guangzhou event, will be Dow Corning’s expansive portfolio of silicone solutions for faster, simpler LED assembly and protection. Highlights include Dow Corning® IA-1200 Hot Melt Room-Temperature Vulcanization (RTV) Clear Adhesive, a solvent-less material that enables fast assembly and improved reliability for LED lamps and luminaires. Dow Corning will also showcase its range of industry-leading adhesives and sealants, which form flexible yet strong bonds for more reliable, long-term performance at the higher temperatures found in LED lighting today. Also on display, will be Dow Corning’s silicone encapsulants and conformal coatings, which apply easily to provide durable protection despite exposure to moisture, contamination and mechanical stress caused by thermal cycling.

Widely regarded as the most influential and comprehensive lighting and LED event in Asia, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will be held from June 9 to 12, 2015 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex.

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About Dow Corning

Dow Corning provides performance-enhancing solutions to serve the diverse needs of more than 25,000 customers worldwide. Among the global leaders in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, Dow Corning offers more than 7,000 products and services via the company's Dow Corning® and XIAMETER® brands. Dow Corning is equally owned by The Dow Chemical Company and Corning, Incorporated. More than half of Dow Corning's annual sales are outside the United States. Dow Corning's global operations adhere to the American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care® initiative, a stringent set of standards designed to advance the safe and secure management of chemical products and processes.

Source: Dow Corning

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