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Dow Launches Silicone Polyethylene Hybrid Technology for Wood Plastic Composites

Published on 2019-10-29. Author : SpecialChem

dowamplify-wood-composites Addressing the need for innovative and sustainable alternatives in the plastic composites industry, Dow has developed AMPLIFY™ Si Silicone Enhanced Polymer Systems (SEPS), a silicone-polyethylene hybrid technology that improves product performance and helps divert plastic waste from landfills. AMPLIFY™ Si PE 1000, designed for wood-plastic composite decking, is the first of a series of products Dow expects to launch under the new SEPS platform.

Bring New Life to Recycled Plastic

Dow’s AMPLIFY™Si PE 1000 enables manufacturers to utilize more economical options, such as a variety of recycled plastic and higher levels of fillers, in their wood composite manufacturing processes,” said Mauro Gregorio, business president, Dow Consumer Solutions. “By incorporating this product into wood-plastic composite boards, manufacturers can more easily bring new life to recycled plastic, a tremendous contribution to sustainability and product reuse. AMPLIFY™Si PE 1000 also reduces energy costs and carbon footprint associated with this manufacturing process.”

Multiple Applications and Advantages

AMPLIFY™ Si PE 1000 allows for higher throughput, lower melt temperature and less thermal degradation, and manufacturers can also expect to see higher production rates, lower rejection rates and overall improvement in the tensile and flex strength of their wood-plastic composite boards. Beyond decking, AMPLIFY™ Si SEPS can be used with similar results in applications, such as docks, railing, wall cladding, siding, fencing, window profiles, automotive and many other applications.

This new family of products, which utilizes ‘silicone-polyethylene hybrid technology’, drives sustainability and innovation across many industries, provides a unique value proposition to our customers and helps to facilitate the transition to a circular economy,” said Gregorio.

Source: Dow
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