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DSM Launches Advanced Engineering Grades for Medical Device Manufacturing

Published on 2021-05-05. Edited By : SpecialChem

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dsm-medical-arnitel-grades Royal DSM launches a new portfolio of engineering materials designed to help global medical device manufacturers improve the quality of care for patients around the world.

Advanced Medical-grade Solutions

The new family of advanced medical-grade material solutions includes Arnitel® Care polyester-based thermoplastic elastomer (TPC), Arnite® Care polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), and ForTii® Care polyphthalamide (PPA) materials.

The materials are intended for use in a broad range of important non-invasive medical devices. They have been tested to meet or exceed important global standards such as U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) food contact compliance, ISO-10993, and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI standards.

Arnitel® Care TPC
  • Arnitel® Care L225E, L140E, L345A
    • Key properties: Breathability, durability and chemical resistance
    • Typical applications: Breathable films, respiratory tubing, wound care, and soft touch components such as wearable medical devices

  • Arnitel® Care 155E
    • Key properties: Strong, flexible and chemical resistant 55 Shore D extrusion grade
    • Typical applications: Medical and respiratory tubing

Arnite® Care PBT
  • Arnite® Care T1U
    • Key properties: High-purity, mechanical strength, low moisture uptake, and excellent chemical resistance
    • Typical applications: Durable thermoplastic medical device components (e.g., inhalers and minimally-invasive surgical tools)

ForTii® Care PPA
  • ForTii® Care P1G6
    • Key properties: Mechanical strength, stiffness, high-temperature performance, and chemical resistance
    • Typical applications: Material solution for metal replacement and minimally-invasive surgical tools

New Portfolio to Satiate Customer Demand

The new portfolio of medical grades was developed by DSM’s engineering materials business to address growing customer demand for advanced material solutions, leveraging many years of successful application development for the medical industry, and taking advantage of the company’s robust global manufacturing capabilities. It also intended to build upon and complement the cutting-edge innovation of DSM’s biomedical business.

Improving health and quality of life around the world is a core pillar of our business,” said Shruti Singhal, president of DSM Engineering Materials “With our customers increasingly leveraging our advanced material solutions to improve the performance and sustainability of various medical devices, we are now taking the next step as we launch a portfolio of materials rigorously tested to adhere to the highest global quality and safety standards for medical applications.”

Source: DSM
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