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DSM Unveils ForTii MX PPA for Replacing Die-cast Metal Parts in Automotive

Published on 2016-07-04. Author : SpecialChem

ForTii MX grades

Royal DSM offers a more cost-effective alternative than ever to die-casting metals with launch of ForTii MX grades. The new DSM’s ForTii MX grades are extension to its range of ForTii® high performance polyphthalamides (PPA) based on polyamide 4T.

Plastics Replacing Die-cast Metal Parts

  • From past many years Plastics have been gradually replacing metals in applications across consumer and industrial markets, especially automotive, but the potential for replacing die-cast metal parts still remains enormous.
  • The market around die cast replacement is currently growing at close to 10% per year.
  • DSM believes that increasing availability of high performance materials like ForTii MX will ensure that high growth continues and possibly increases well into the future.

Properties of DSM’s ForTii MX PPA Grades

  • Partially aromatic and semi crystalline polymers like all other ForTii types.
  • Shows better properties than existing PPA materials in terms of mechanical strength and toughness across a broad range of temperatures.
  • Available with glass fiber reinforcement ranging from 30 to 50%.
Ralf Ponicki
Fig. 1: Ralf Ponicki

“ForTii MX grades will become essential solutions for metal replacement,”
says Ralf Ponicki, Program Manager for die cast replacement. “In terms of heat deflection temperature (HDT/A 305°C) and toughness, they are considerably better than most other PPAs currently on the market. Injection moldings in ForTii MX will be able to compete advantageously with parts die-cast in aluminum, magnesium and zinc.”

Advantages of Using DSM’s ForTii MX PPA

  • Unlike other thermoplastics use of DSM’s ForTii MX allows cost savings up to 50%. 
  • Highly potential for improvements in weight savings.
  • Provides extra possibilities for functional integration, product safety improvements, and simplification of logistics and handling efforts.

ForTii® MX Grades from DSM Provide a More Cost-effective Alternative Than Ever to Die-casting Metals
Fig. 2:
ForTii® MX Grades from DSM Provide a More Cost-effective Alternative Than Ever to Die-casting Metals

“ForTii MX exhibits a comprehensive property profile that some competitive solutions can only partially cover with using additional blend technology,” says Ponicki. “Many pure PPA based compounds remain their good mechanical strength and dimensional stability up to around 100°C but in environments with temperatures above 130°C the mechanical strength drops severely. This effect sometimes is compensated by using blend technology, but sacrificing dimensional stability as well as mechanical strength up to 100°C. ForTii MX (PPA) combines the better of two worlds - best mechanical performance (especially impact strength) in combination with high dimensional stability at ambient elevated (100°C) and high temperatures with limited influence of moisture”.

Potential for DSM’s ForTii MX PPA

Mr. Ponicki sees potential for ForTii MX in structurally loaded parts such as housings, covers and brackets in the automotive powertrain, air and fuel systems, chassis and suspension, as well as in industrial, pumps, valves, actuators, home appliances and fasteners.

DSM is continuing to develop new series of ForTii aimed at die-cast metal replacement. “We still have at least one ace up our sleeve,” says Ponicki. The company plans further announcements later this year.

Meet the Extreme with DSM

DSM offers high-performing plastic solutions, technologies and expertise for the extreme demands of next-generation vehicles. These materials are a driving force in light weighting, downsizing and e-mobility. On the road to zero emissions it’s time to think differently. To think beyond metal.

About DSM – Bright Science. Brighter Living.™

Royal DSM is a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials. By connecting its unique competences in life sciences and materials sciences DSM is driving economic prosperity, environmental progress and social advances to create sustainable value for all stakeholders simultaneously. DSM delivers innovative solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance in global markets such as food and dietary supplements, personal care, feed, medical devices, automotive, paints, electrical and electronics, life protection, alternative energy and bio-based materials. DSM and its associated companies deliver annual net sales of about €10 billion with approximately 25,000 employees. The company is listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

Source: DSM

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