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Eastman’s Disinfectant-ready Copolyester Meets Advanced Plastics Demand: MD&M West

Published on 2018-02-06. Author : SpecialChem

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Global specialty plastics provider Eastman demonstrates the dominant performance of next-generation material Eastman MXF221 copolyester at the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West trade show in Anaheim, California, Feb. 6 to 8.

Eastman MX221 Copolyester

Critical Need for Better Plastics in Healthcare

Ellen Turner, Eastman global market development manager, medical devices, said:
“Today’s healthcare environment has a critical need for better plastics—and better plastics testing, selection and design. As the market and regulatory landscape is ever-evolving, device manufacturers have to consider material capabilities at every stage of product development. Eastman surrounds brand owners with service throughout their product development process, providing invaluable assistance to brand owners as they develop equipment that meets requirements for clinical settings.”

Eastman MXF221 Copolyester for Key-components in Non-implantable Devices

Eastman plastics are used to make key components in non-implantable medical devices, including syringes, minimally invasive surgical instruments, blood contact systems, rigid and flexible tubing, IV components, and renal devices. Eastman MXF221 is a fully compounded polymer uniquely suited for electronic medical device housings and hardware due to its inherent ability to withstand stickiness, discoloration, crazing, cracking and hazing.

Benefits of Eastman MXF221

Eastman MX221 Superior Chemical Resistance
Eastman MXF221 performs better than other materials used in medical devices and equipment as evidenced in the findings of Dr. Yubiao Liu, applications development associate for Eastman, who developed the simple, replicable four-step test to evaluate long-term resistance of plastics to hospital disinfectants.
  • Eastman MXF221 offers unsurpassed chemical resistance to today’s disinfectants used in new cleaning protocols needed to prevent HAIs. 
  • Eastman MXF221 retains more than 90 percent of its original impact strength after exposure to stringent disinfectants—far superior to competing materials such as polycarbonate blends.

Right Plastic to Meet Product Requirement

Ellen Turner said:
“Proactively selecting the right polymer for medical devices and housings can prolong the life of devices, improve reliability and save hospitals money in the long run. As a multi-material solution provider, Eastman is committed to helping our customers choose the right plastic to meet their product requirements.”

In addition to Eastman MXF221 for device housings, Eastman’s family of brands includes Tritan™ copolyesters for devices, Eastar copolyester 6763 and Eastalite copolyesters for rigid medical packaging, Ecdel elastomers for pharmaceutical packaging and Eastman 168™ non-phthalate plasticizer.

Source: Eastman Chemical Company
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