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New Weight-reducing ABS/PC Blend by ELIX Polymers for Automotive Applications

Published on 2016-10-28. Author : SpecialChem

TARRAGONA -- ELIX Polymers has introduced a new generation ABS/PC blend to meet the needs of the automotive industry.

ABS/PC Blend

The automotive industry’s ongoing search for weight reductions is currently driving the trend to replace PC/ABS parts with ABS/PC blends, especially for interior parts.

Ultra HH4115HI ABS/PC – Next Generation Material

New generation ELIX Polymers’ Ultra HH4115HI ABS/PC material has several advantages compared to a PC/ABS:
  • 5% lower density with 1,07 g/cm³ vs PC/ABS 1,13 g/cm³, low emission and odor (VDA 278 VOC = 8 / FOG = 3 μg/g (ppm), VDA 270 = 3,0). 
  • High flowability rate (MVR = 14 cm³/10min.) helps to reduce cycle times, so that more parts per hour can be produced. 
  • Very high impact strength (ISO180-1A = 58 KJ/m² at 23°C room temperature and ISO180-1A = 41 KJ/m² at -30°C), excellent processability and very good paintability. 
  • Significant cost saving possibilities thanks to the better painting performance and reduced scrap rate of Ultra HH 4115 HI vs PC/ABS.

Test Results

Tests according to ISO6603-2 (puncture impact behavior) show the very good performance of the Ultra HH 4115 HI at different temperatures for crash-relevant parts such as interior pillars. The appearance of the fracture has been evaluated as very positive by several premium car manufacturers.

New Generation ABS/PC Blend for Major Weight Reductions in Automotive Applications
New Generation ABS/PC Blend for Major Weight Reductions in Automotive Applications

ELIX Ultra HH 4115HI has already been tested and approved by several Automotive OEMs.
  • BMW approved it according to GS93016 ABS+PC heat resistance and first serial projects are running with the new grade. 
  • AUDI tested positive emissions, odor and the material is considered as very interesting for lower instrument panel parts, center console parts and door panel parts according to TL52231. 
  • GM recently approved UltraHH4115HI under GMW15572-T4. 
  • Further tests and approvals at other OEMs are running at the moment, and Tier suppliers have shown their interest in this new ABS/PC grade.

Applications of ABS/PC

There is a wide range of target applications for this innovative material. These include door panel parts, instrument panel parts, center console trim, seating parts, interior and exterior pillars, luggage compartment trim, etc. As with other grades of ELIX Polymers, pre-colored material in OEM colors is possible as are tailor-made solutions with special additive packages for very demanding part requirements.

About ELIX Polymers

ELIX Polymers is among the leading manufacturers of ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) resins and derivatives in Europe.

Operating from its head office in Tarragona, Spain, and with Sales support teams in all key markets, the company is a specialist provider of tailor-made solutions for high quality thermoplastics applications. With a 40-year track record, ELIX Polymers is an expert in ABS polymers, and it has the resources, the expertise and the experience to create value for its customers through highly individual solutions.

ELIX Polymers offers a broad range of material solutions for a variety of industries and applications, meeting the stringent requirements of the Healthcare, Automotive, Appliances, Electronic, Toys and other industries.

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Source: ELIX Polymers
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